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Melissa is a student at the College of Charleston studying International Studies and French, with concentrations on Europe and Africa.

Journalist Lyra McKee’s Death Reflects The Reemergence Of Violent Opposition In Northern Ireland

On April 18th, 29-year-old journalist Lyra McKee was killed while covering riots in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. McKee was fatally shot while near police cars and was hit when protesters began shooting toward the police, described as “the enemy” by the perpetrators. She was taken into a police car, which drove […]

Algeria Indefinitely Postpones Elections In Response To Protests; Promises To Create A Theocracy

In response to immense national protests, current Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika announced he would no longer run for a fifth term. The president leading the “pouvoir,” the ruling elite regime in Algeria, since 1999 sparked the massive protests on February 22 of this year when he announced he would run […]

Ethnic Violence Is Rising In Burkina Faso Along With Violent Extremism

Inter-communal and ethnic violence in Burkina Faso continues to escalate, with over 100,000 having been displaced and lacking sufficient humanitarian aid funds. The wave of ethnic violence began in January 2019, with a Mossi-led attack on Fulani neighbourhoods in the village of Yirgou, leaving least 13 dead. The attack had […]

The Great National Debate Is Met With Criticism And Praise In France

In December, Emmanuel Macron’s French government responded to weeks of gilets jaunes (yellow vests) protests by initiating a Grand Débat National (Great National Debate) in an attempt to quell the protests. The debate is meant to give all French citizens the opportunity to participate in dialogue about the national crisis that […]

Election In Nigeria Reveal Democratic Gains Despite Corruption

The 2019 elections are rearing up in Nigeria, and amid them are democratic gains tainted by massive corruption. Presidential elections are set for February 16, while governors and House of Assembly will be elected on March second. Nigeria is Africa’s largest democracy, since its reinstatement of democratic rule in 1999 […]

Investigations Into The Decline Of Rule Of Law And Democracy In Hungary Need To Be Prioritized In EU Agenda

Members of the European Union (EU) Parliament are calling on the Romanian President of the EU to prioritize action towards the rapid decline of the rule of law and democracy in Hungary. A debate was held on January 30th, in which European Commission Vice-President Frans Timmerman called on EU countries […]

Tunisian Protests Reflect Longstanding Economic Difficulties

Despite Tunisia’s success with the Arab Spring Movement in 2011 and implementation of a democratic system of government, the country’s economy has remained bogged down by debt and international loan packages. Years of dinar depreciation and inflation amid public sector salary freezes has led Tunisians to take to the streets […]

Afghanistan Presidential Elections Set For April 20 Amid Taliban Talks With The U.S.

The election committee of the Afghan government announced that the presidential election is set to take place on April 20, 2019, meanwhile the Taliban is participating in talks with the U.S. and other peace-seeking countries. Candidates have yet to be announced, but current President Ashraf Ghani has announced his plans […]