Megan Sampson

Brunei’s Human Rights Violation And The Role Of International Forces

Brunei has introduced stoning to death as a punishment for homosexuality. The new law adds to the continuous list of human rights violations perpetuated by the Sultan of Brunei. The Guardian reports that other punishments include the removal of hands or feet if a person is caught stealing, and the […]

Has Syria’s Civil War Reached An End?

Over the past week, continuous airstrikes have been carried out by the regime of Bashar al-Assad and his Russian allies in North-Western Syria. The U.N. has called for an urgent de-escalation of the conflict, asking for a truce, to spare the lives of civilians. Assad claims they are fighting the […]

Rise In Modern Slavery In The U.K.

On 26 April 2019, a family of 4 were jailed in Nottingham, U.K., for keeping a 51 year old Polish man as a slave. It is reported that he was made totally dependent on the family, for money, food and shelter. He was forced to work in car washes, given […]

Calais At Breaking Point

The conditions in Calais refugee camps for the estimated 1,500 migrants have reached a breaking point. What is worse for the refugees is that there has been an increased number of asylum seekers attempting to gain access through the Northern border of France. There has been an increase in the […]

The Reality Of Climate Change In Africa

The recent Cyclone Idai has caused widespread devastation in Mozambique. While the worst appears to be over, a widespread health crisis has emerged. There been an outbreak of cholera due to stagnant water, with the country’s poorest people those most affected. While relief efforts have attempted to help those most […]

British Aid Workers’ Citizenship Removed By British Government

Aid worker Tauqir Sharif has worked as a humanitarian aid distributer in Syria since 2013. In 2017, the then Home Secretary Amber Rudd decided to revoke his citizenship because of his alignment with Al-Qaeda. Only recently has Sharif’s identity been revealed, after he chose to waive his rights to anonymity […]

Venezuela’s Power Outage As Social And Political Crisis

The power outages in Venezuela have been an ongoing occurrence since 2007. The most recent of which began on the 8th of March. With power not restored, the blackouts are causing a national crisis. The San Geronimo B substation in the centre of the country, which supplies electricity to four […]