Marianna Scott

Five Years Later, Egyptian Government Dodges Accountability For Rabaa Massacre

Last Tuesday marked the fifth anniversary of Egypt’s Rabaa massacre. The Egyptian government arrested thirteen alleged Muslim Brotherhood members, accusing them of stirring up protests. The ministry statement said, “We received information that they had been planning to hold meetings…with the aim of provoking citizens to mark the fifth anniversary […]

A Watery Landmark: First Aquarium Opens in Palestine

Palestine’s first aquarium opened on July 22. The aquarium is housed in an enormous building built to look like a ship, which rises out of Al Bireh’s bustling center in the occupied West Bank. Al Jazeera reports a serene interior—“dimly lit narrow corridors, transparent tanks filled with colorful fish.” Nearly […]

Tensions Rise Between Turkey and Germany; Mesut Ozil Retires

Mesut Ozil is retiring. The 29-year-old announced the end of his international football career on Twitter last week, citing “racist” and “disrespectful” treatment following Germany’s disappointing exit to the world cup and a controversial meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Germany’s loss to South Korea was, frankly, embarrassing. This […]

Grenade Attack In Ethiopia Doesn’t Threaten General Optimism

Tens of thousands gathered on Saturday to show their support for Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia’s new prime minister. This kind of rally is unprecedented in Ethiopia’s history, noted Eritrean ambassador Estifanos Afeworki. It was a widespread demonstration for peace. Abiy took the stage wearing a yellow t-shirt that depicted Nelson Mandela’s […]

Steps Towards Peace Provoke Violent Responses In Afghanistan

Twelve were killed and thirty were wounded in a suicide bombing in Kabul last Monday. The attack took place outside of the Rural Rehabilitation and Development Ministry. The bomber detonated an explosive vest at the ministry’s gate as workers rushed to get home. Tragically, “the ministry has a kindergarten where […]

Hungary Threatens To Criminalize Efforts To Aid Migrants

Last month, Viktor Orban won big in Hungary’s parliamentary elections. This month, his party introduced a package of bills that would criminalize individuals and organizations that provide aid to migrants seeking asylum. This atrocious legislation flies in the face of Europe’s recent humanitarian efforts, counters the EU’s resettlement strategy, and […]