Manon Morel

West African Migrants Experience Cases Of Modern-Day Slavery In Libya

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has recently warned about the increasing phenomenon of human trafficking in Libya. The more worrying aspect of this cruel trade is that it has acquired an air of normalcy and has materialized into slave markets where people are bought and sold in public. The victims […]

Basque Separatist ETA Organization Sets Long-Awaited Disarmament Process In Motion

Initially founded in opposition to Franco’s dictatorship in 1959, ETA (Euskadi ta Askatasuna, meaning “Basque Fatherland and Liberty,” pronounced “etta”) progressively drifted to become a nationalist and separatist organization striving for an independent Basque state in South-western France and Northern Spain. As a Marxist-Leninist movement, the organization adopted, since its […]

Protests In Belarus: The Escalation of Citizens’ Grievances

Since 2010, when the allegedly rigged presidential elections that triggered unrest, the despondency of the Belarusians had lied dormant. However, the recent implementation of a tax aiming at financing public expenses reawakened citizens’ discontent. Also known as the tax against “social parasitism,” the fee targets those who work less than 6 […]

On The Viability Of The Political Solution For Syria In The Aftermath Of The Fall Of Aleppo

The Syrian conflict has long since ceased to be merely about Syria. Over the past six years, what began as a civil war of disheartened citizens opposing an autocrat transformed into a chaotic proxy war, involving a staggering number of stakeholders. As described by the Spiegel Online, “the country has […]

Sweden Decides To Reintroduce Conscription As Baltic Tensions Heighten

Due to Russia’s growing assertiveness and overtly expansionist intentions, many Baltic countries have become distressed in recent years by the instability fostered by their neighbour. Sweden has been especially affected by Russia’s unsettling activities. On top of the annexation of Crimea in 2014, which set a dangerous precedent for all […]

Police Strike Prompts Anarchy In A Brazilian State Ahead Of Carnival Festivities

A year after the lavish Summer Olympics, Brazil is undergoing the deepest recession in decades, which has resulted in strict austerity measures and important budget shortfalls that are affecting the majority of the country’s public services. Most recently, the scarcity of the state’s budget in public security has sparked a […]

Settlement Legalization Law Awakens Indignation Of Israeli Human Rights Groups

On Wednesday, February 1st, years of legal proceedings culminated in the evacuation of Amona, a Jewish colony situated on privately owned Palestinian land in the West Bank. The court ruling that ordained the eviction was based on the grounds that Jewish law considers settlements on Palestinian land illegal. However, both […]