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Megan is a Postgraduate student at the University of Canterbury New Zealand. She studying towards a Masters of Laws in International Relations and Politics.

EU’s 2018 Migration Summit: An Influx Of Migrants Or An Influx Of Populist Power?

There has been a dramatic change in the political landscape for migrants in Europe over the weekend as a new EU wide summit was reached regarding how the Union would deal with migration issues in the future. They key aspects of the summit include:  domestic control centres within the EU, […]

The U.S.A.’s Slow Strangulation Of Our Core Human Rights Institutions

Over the past year, the United States of America has ramped up its attempts at a slow strangulation of key international organizations. These moves are worrying many political commentators as they witness the inability of institutions, like the United Nations and the World Trade Organization, to operate properly in their […]

The Colombian Amazon As A Living Organ Now Has A Body Of Rights Protections

Just last week the Amazon Rain Forest was granted the same rights as human beings by Colombia’s Supreme Court. The court ordered that the Colombian Government must take urgent action to protect the rainforest from deforestation, preserving it for future generations. The ruling is claimed as a win for future […]

Fake Drugs Are Stealing Real Lives

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), fake drugs pose a tangible threat to global peace. Fake drugs can be anything from counterfeit birth control pills, cough syrup for children made from opioids, to unethically misrepresented and non-consensual drug trials in developing countries. A report released by the WHO earlier this month explains that “1 in […]

Facial Recognition, Artificial Intelligence And Racial Disparity

A recent study has illuminated an issue in the artificial intelligence community. As reported by the New York Times, facial recognition (software that identifies a person’s identity in a photograph) is 99% accurate when the person in the photo is a white male. Unfortunately, the study also shows that the […]

Undocumented And Underground: US State Laws Force Students To Study In Secret

Undocumented students in the US state of Georgia claim that they must study in secret. This is due to a law that bans undocumented students from the top five Georgia universities. While the policy was implemented in 2010, human rights activists claim that the situation has only worsened since president […]

It’s A Killer. Period.

Last week, the first death, since Nepal criminalized chauupadi last year, was reported. Chauupadi translates to “untouchable being,” and it is a Hindu practice prevalent in Nepal, where women and girls are exiled from their homes during their monthly period cycles. Al Jazeera reported that Gauri Kumari Budha, a 22-year-old […]

Assad’s Aggression: Government Led Missile Attack Hits Syrian Refugee Camp On World Refugee And Migrant Day

Reports have emerged of a missile attack on World Migrant and Refugee Day, pummelling a makeshift refugee camp in Idlib, Syria. The strike comes amidst a recent ramp-up in attacks from the Assad regime, backed by Iranian and Russian forces in an attempt to flush out rebel fighters. An Al […]

The Rise Of The Golden Dawn

On the morning of January 5, 2018, Aljazeera reported a radical increase in the attacks on migrant populations living in Piraeus, a port town of Greece’s capital, Athens.  Some believe that the racially motivated attacks have been carried out by the Greek political party known as the Golden Dawn. Since […]

Ariana Grande Concert Bombing Highlights “50 Shades Of Violence” Against Girls and Women

The detonation of a suicide bomb in a concert stadium, filled at the time with 21,000 teenage girls and women, could logically be considered a targeted attack on western society, in particular in this instance, the United Kingdom. However, one of the UK’s leading prosecutors argues that the attack runs […]