Mackenzie Dyer

The Moral Dilemma Of Poverty Tourism

Poverty tourism (also known as Slum or Favela tourism) is when international travellers opt to visit the poorest areas of a country rather than their more traditional and popular attractions.  Such areas are well described by poverty tourism academic Melissa Nisbett in her definition of a slum, saying they are […]

Reuniting Families: Trump Signs Executive Order On Immigration Policy

Trump has signed an executive order that will stop undocumented immigrant children being taken away from their families at the Mexican border. This comes after global outrage towards the Trump administration’s “zero-tolerance policy,” that saw every undocumented immigrant crossing the border put into federal jail, leaving those too young to […]

Afghanistan’s Education System Has Been Rebuilt On The Back Of Corruption

According to a UNICEF report released last week, 43.7% of children aged 7-12 are not attending school in Afghanistan. Aljazeera’s 101 East says this statistic is dominated by girls, with two out of three young women not attending school. While issues such as unequal gender norms, child marriage and safe […]