Luke Entwistle

About Luke Entwistle

I have recently graduated from the University of Manchester with a degree in French and politics and I have previously had work experience at the European Commission. I have a keen interest in European governance and I strongly believe in the values and principles that the Organisation for World Peace stands for and I hope to further represent their values in my reports.

BP Successfully Lobby To Weaken Environmental Laws In The U.S.

New legislation was introduced earlier this month which will allow future infrastructure projects to bypass scrutiny from federal agencies in the U.S. The legislation will mean that the environmental implications of major projects such as the construction of power plants, will no longer require an environmental impact assessment. This week, […]

Social Media Communication: Understanding the Impact Of Online Platforms

How individual politicians as well as political parties, exploit social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook has garnered much interest in recent years. It has recently attracted even greater attention in the U.K. as the Conservative Party were accused of uploading deceitful or downright false information throughout the General […]

Evacuations In Australia In Response To Bushfire Threat Highlights Government Inaction

In the state of Victoria, Australia, residents and holidaymakers alike have this Sunday been told to evacuate in the face of huge bushfires which have devastated the region. The mass evacuation has been prompted by worsening weather conditions in the state with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius and strong winds […]

Bougainville Votes Overwhelmingly In Favour Of Secession From Papua New Guinea

The people of Bougainville have this week overwhelmingly voted to secede from Papua New Guinea (PNG). The non-binding referendum, which began in late November and concluded on 11th December, gave voters the choice of either increased autonomy or independence from the Pacific Ocean country. Astonishingly, almost 98 per cent of […]

Rethinking Security: The Nation-State As A Barrier To Emancipation

In the contemporary world, there are a plethora of sources of insecurity, some traditional such as the threat of war or poverty and some relatively contemporary such as the threat of environmental degradation. People expect that nation-state governments work to protect them from such threats, within the context of environmental […]

BBC’s Election Coverage Criticised For Breaking Impartiality Guidelines

The BBC has this week come under fire for breaking its impartiality guidelines as political commentators and social media users alike have alluded to pro-government bias in their content. According to the BBC’s editorial guidelines, they are committed to achieving ‘due impartiality’ yet, this week, they are accused not only […]

Spanish High Court Investigates Russian Interference In Catalonia Independence Movement

Spanish Newspaper ‘El País’ this week revealed that the Spanish High Court, known as the ‘Audiencia Nacional’, is investigating Russian interference in the Catalan independence movement. Although the investigation is strictly confidential, three sources, including a judge, have spoken to ‘El País’ to confirm that investigators are examining evidence of […]