Lucy Campbell

How Can The Situation In The Lake Chad Basin Be Improved?

It is the world’s fastest growing displacement crisis, which needs swift and decisive action. Refugees from Boko Haram have converged on the Lake Chad Basin, fleeing from violence into terrible living conditions. 2.6 million people have been displaced in the region, and the pressures are significant: 11 million people are […]

Why Has Mining Sparked Conflict Between Ecuador’s Government And Indigenous Peoples?

In the Amazonian village of El Tink, the indigenous Shuar have become embroiled in an escalating conflict with the Ecuadorian government and Chinese mining companies. The only entrance to the village, a 15-metre bridge, has been barricaded and is manned constantly, as aerial surveillance persists overhead. Yet, when President Rafael […]

Why Trump Offers Few Solutions To The Civilians Caught In Syria’s Conflict

With the near-total capture of Aleppo by government forces in December 2016, for some, it appeared that the Syrian civil war, which killed half a million, created 5 million refugees, and displaced a further 6 million, had come to a bloody end. Yet, conflict continues in Syria, with an estimated […]