Lucie Pebay

The North Korean Crisis: Behind The War Of Words, Canada Is Working Towards A Diplomatic Solution

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un’s war of words has been making lots of noise in the past months. With both leaders using violent language, loud insults, and big threats, tensions have been escalating and catching most of the media’s attention. Yet, there is more to the handling of the […]

Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital: The Spread Of Fire And Fury Continues

President Donald Trump’s decision last week recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital sparked global outrage. The Arab world quite naturally condemned the controversial move. A statement by the 22 members of the Arab League, described the decision as “dangerous and unacceptable” and a “flagrant attack on a political solution to the Israeli-Palestinian […]

The U.S in Africa: Trump’s “Shadow War”

On October 4th, four Americans soldiers were killed by Islamic extremists in Niger. The death of soldiers in overseas missions always triggers reaction from public opinion. What is more surprising is the emotion highlighted by the media on this affair. ‘Surprise’ was a recurring adjective used when discussing the tragic event. […]

The Central African Republic Sinking Back Into Chaos

On October 24, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres chose to spend the organization’s National Day in the Central African Republic (CAR). He declared that it was a “duty of solidarity” when explaining his visit, before adding that he also hoped to shake the internal community who, he believes, neglects the nation and […]

An Iraqi Kurdistan State? Realities Behind A Century-Old Dream

One month after Kurdistan’s historic referendum to secede from Iraq, the outlines of a looming regional conflict seem to have materialised more clearly. This past September, Iraq and the world witnessed the result of the referendum in which the proto-state overwhelmingly and unsuprisingly voted for full independent statehood. This seceding […]

ISIS Pivot To Southeast And Central Asia: An Existential Threat For The Regions? 1

Since its creation in 2014, ISIS has been in the spotlight due to its impressive and rapid growth and its ambitious long-term political objective to instate a global caliphate. While the Middle East is the birthplace of ISIS, the global reach of their political objectives and their anti-western ideology have […]