Lavanyaa Rhaasa

About Lavanyaa Rhaasa

I am studying BSc Politics and International Relations at the University of Exeter in the UK but I'm currently doing study abroad at the Australian National University (ANU). I joined the OWP because I think that if you take the time to understand other people's issues and look at all the angle of the situation, you can find a more peaceful and effective solution to a problem. When I'm not writing and studying, I love to travel, hike, do adventure sports, read and learn about things I didn't know about before.

Empowering Women Powers The World

Women have been politically, socially, historically, and religiously seen as inferior for centuries. Yet women constitute 50% of the world’s population and are quite literally the bearers of the future, giving birth to and shaping future generations. Despite all of this, they are constantly believed to be weaker physically and […]

Australian Aboriginal Rights: Is A Treaty Trending?

Earlier this week, on May 23, 2017, 250 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander delegates met in Uluru, in the Northern Territory at the annual First Nations Convention. They discussed furthering indigenous rights and the possibility of a treaty or constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders under Australian law […]

Global Cyber Hack 101

News headlines across the world warned of a global cyber hack by ransomware WannaCry last week. The global hack was first identified on 12 May 2017 and affected numerous businesses, banks, hospitals, and government agencies around the world. BGR estimates 57,000 computers were affected in over 150 countries. WannaCry is […]

Home Is Where The Heart Is: Resonating With Refugees

This week the Guardian released a heart-warming story on how swathes of British people are opening their homes and hearts to refugees by offering them rooms to spare them from homelessness. It highlighted simple truths that are often overlooked in the typically negative refugee narrative. Firstly, in many developed, wealthy […]

What Are The Consequences Of Bad Brexit Negotiations?

On the May 1st, 2017, German newspaper, Frankfurter Allgemeine, reported that that the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker told the Prime Minister that “Brexit cannot be a success.” The meeting apparently left him flummoxed at how ‘delusional’ and naively optimistic the Prime Minister was. He believes she hasn’t understood the severity of […]

Global Community Combat Climate Change Despite Trump’s Unravelling Of USA’s Climate Policy

The Paris Treaty agreement of 2015 was an initiative of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC). It has evolved from the Kyoto Protocol of 1997 which established legal obligations to reach mandatory targets on cutting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. To date, 141 parties out of 197 have […]