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Lesley Nash is a recent Master's graduate with a degree in Diplomacy & International Development. She is currently an adjunct professor of political science at Georgetown College in Kentucky.

The Organization For World Peace Presents Its Inaugural Prize For Peace Promotion

The Organization for World Peace is proud to present its inaugural Prize for Peace Promotion to Doctors Without Borders. The prize recognizes an organization which over the past year has had a prominent role in promoting peace and reducing the harm caused by international conflict. The Organization for World Peace […]

COP24 Wraps Up In Poland, But Is This Year’s Climate Summit Enough?

Negotiators in Katowice, Poland, completed a contentious two-week summit on Saturday, December 15, producing what has been called a “rulebook” for implementing the 2015 Paris climate agreement, reports The Guardian. This year’s Conference of Parties, otherwise referred to as the UN Climate Summits, was the 24th annual summit, and was primarily […]

Push For Gender Parity In Ethiopia’s New Cabinet

On Tuesday October 16th, Abiy Ahmed, the reformist Prime Minister who rose to the post following the unexpected resignation of Hailemariam Desalegn, announced a new cabinet comprised of fifty percent women, according to the Washington Post. The announcement came at a meeting of the House of People’s Representatives- the Ethiopian […]

Hundreds Of Separated Families Not Reunited By Court Deadline

Thursday July 26 marked the court-ordered deadline by which the U.S. government was to have reunited immigrant families separated at the U.S.-Mexico border. Although court filings note that roughly 1,400 families have already been reunited, by the end of the day on July 26 over 700 children had not been […]

Recent Death Of Ethiopian Migrants Off Yemeni Coast Echos Regional Pattern

At least 46 people have died, and another 16 gone missing, off the Yemeni coast following the capsizing of a smuggler’s boat carrying 100 Ethiopian migrants looking for work in Yemen, according to the BBC. These casualties, which occurred on Wednesday June 6, are part of a larger regional pattern […]

Clash Between Member States And EU As EU Looks To Boost Rule Of Law

The European Union (EU) has announced it is in favor of tying funding to a level of observance rule of law in member states, according to the AP. The measures discussed in a European Commission meeting on April 25 would cut certain EU funding to states where judicial independence is […]

Santa Fe Shooting Marks 22nd U.S. School Shooting Of 2018

On Friday, May 18, a shooter opened fire at Santa Fe High School in Galveston County, Texas, killing 10 people and injuring at least 13, according to reports from NPR. This tragedy marks the most deadly shooting since the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High shooting in Parkland, Florida in February, in […]

The City At The Center Of The World: The Wicked Problem Of Jerusalem

On Monday, May 14, the United States celebrated the official opening of its new embassy location in Jerusalem, with a televised speech by American President Donald Trump, a massive guest list, and expressions of joy and success from both the American and Israeli administrations, detailed by Vox. A hundred kilometers […]

We Need To Talk About Women In Government

The role of women in leadership positions in government has long been a topic of conversation worldwide. With every woman elected to a major leadership role or every national legislative body that establishes a quota for women members, people question whether the world has finally entered a period where women […]

Voting Centre Attacks In Afghanistan Kill At Least 63

Multiple bombings at voter registration centers in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul and Pul-e-Khumri killed at least 63 people and wounded one hundred more, according to reports from Al Jazeera and BBC News. The first bomb, which detonated in Kabul at roughly 10 AM local time, killed 57 people, while the second, […]