Ruby Leonard

About Ruby Leonard

Ruby studied at Victoria University of Wellington, where she received a Masters degree in International Relations.

The Third Revolution In Warfare: Autonomous Weapons & Modern Conflict

The prospect of fully autonomous weapons systems (AWS), or ‘killer robots’ in armed conflict has once again captured the attention of scientists, organizations, and policy-makers this month, spurring renewed international discussion. Early this month, artificial intelligence (AI) experts from 30 countries announced a boycott of the South Korean university, Korea […]

The Oxfam Scandal

The British charity organization Oxfam, and the humanitarian world, at large, is reeling this week after revelations that Oxfam failed to respond accordingly during an investigation into several employees’ alleged illegal procurement of women and girls for sex while stationed in Haiti in 2011. Seven staff in various positions in […]

New Accusations Of Sexual Assault And Harassment Within The United Nations

Investigations published by the Guardian last Thursday have revealed a prevalence of sexual harassment and assault among United Nations (UN) staff, exposing a ‘culture of impunity’ and raising serious concerns about the UN’s current response to such incidences within the organization. 15 current and previous employees have claimed they experienced some […]

Iran And Saudi Arabia’s Gender Reform Rivalry

As traditional political and religious tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia intensify, it seems a new rivalry has emerged as both states race to ease respective government restrictions of women’s rights. Saudi Arabia has long been considered more repressive towards women than Iran; however, policy reform in recent years, including women […]