Laura Friesen

About Laura Friesen

Laura completed a degree in International Studies at the University of Saskatchewan in 2016. She is passionate about global social justice - particularly in the areas of food sovereignty, agriculture, and tourism. When not writing, she enjoys spending time outside and traveling overseas.

Migrant Crisis Continues In The Mediterranean

Nearly 8,500 migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean were rescued over the Easter weekend. The Italian Coastguard reported that 73 separate rescue operations were undertaken and that 13 bodies, including that of an 8-year-old boy, were recovered. Among those rescued were a woman in active labour and a two-week-old baby […]

International Actors Criticize Growing Number Of Civilian Deaths In Mosul

The United Nations Human Rights Commission and Amnesty International are among a group of international actors currently raising concerns over the number of civilian deaths, resulting from the fight to retake Mosul from ISIS. Amnesty officials have accused Iraqi and U.S.-led coalition forces of not taking adequate precautions to prevent […]

Caribbean Officials Emphasize Regional Cooperation For A Brighter Future

Leaders and officials representing a number of Caribbean nations recently met in Havana, Cuba in an effort to reinforce and strengthen regional ties. Facing challenges both regionally and internationally, Caribbean countries are choosing diplomacy and cooperation as a strategy for the future. The Cuban capital was the site of multiple […]

President Trump’s Budget Proposal: A Shortsighted Path To Security

Obtaining world peace is a tall order and one that requires extensive cooperation among various actors at all levels, from local to global. Much research and thought has gone into devising strategies for peace based on different theories and approaches, which often results in contradictory solutions. While there may not […]

Migrants Risk Life And Limb Seeking Refuge In Canada

An increasing number of people are looking to leave the United States and seek asylum in Canada, as conditions worsen for immigrants and refugees. The policies of President Donald Trump, including the executive order banning travel from seven Muslim-majority countries, the suspension of the refugee program, and round-ups of illegal […]

When Development Kills: Violence And Corruption Plague Honduras

In a January 2017 report, anti-corruption group Global Witness named Honduras the most dangerous place in the world to be an environmental activist. This is due to the ongoing violence, intimidation, criminalization, and killing of individuals working to defend the land. The report is also the result of the the […]

UN Report Indicates Possible Crimes Against Humanity For Myanmar’s Rohingya Population

In a report released on February 3, 2017, the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) reveals atrocities committed against the Muslim Rohingya population by Myanmar’s armed forces. The report suggests that crimes against humanity have occurred since October 9, 2016, when the armed forces implemented […]