Author: Larry Cruz

Kosovo’s New President Has Major Crises To Take On

Kosovo elected reformist lawyer Vjosa Osmani as its new president in early April. President Osmani will serve alongside Prime Minister Albin Kurti as part of the ruling Vetëvendosje party, a reformist social-democratic organization. However, Kosovo is currently facing several challenges, ranging from a public health crisis to unresolved disputes with

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Turkish Women Protest Femicide And Violence Trends

Despite a pandemic and unwelcoming circumstances, women’s decades-long struggle to achieve more rights and equal status in Turkish society continues. During this year’s International Women’s Day, Turkish women took to the streets to protest worrisome femicide trends, discrimination, and a lack of representation in higher office. Despite police pushing back

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Scotland’s Bid For Independence Vote Faces Large Challenges

In pursuing a second independence referendum, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon of the Scottish National Party (SNP) is facing large challenges that may upend any plans of holding it in the near future. These challenges include the global public health crisis and hesitation from the United Kingdom to allow a second

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