Author: Timothy Law

Calls For Independence In Hong Kong

Recently, controversy has erupted in Hong Kong, part of the upcoming Hong Kong Legislative Election. While Hong Kong remains a Special Administrative Region within the People’s Republic of China, many people, especially the youths do not see it so. Calls for autonomy, or even independence as advanced by so called

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The Need to Kick-Start New Dialogue in the South China Sea

Recently, on August 22nd, a landmark ruling was held, stating that the islands in the South China Sea belonged to the Philippines, rather than the People’s Republic of China. Instead of settling the issue, it has infuriated both sides, with the PRC increasing its hostility towards opinions and contestants against its

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Elections, cabinet resignations and K-pop: the past week in Taiwan

Earlier in the week, Taiwan (also known as the Republic of China), elected Tsai Ing-Wen, Taiwan’s first female Prime Minister and the second Prime Minister to emerge from the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). The party commonly known for favoring views on independence from Mainland China (The People’s Republic of China),

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“N” Is For North Korea And Not Nuclear Weapons: North Korea’s Recent Hydrogen Bomb Test And Its Continuation Of North Korea’s “Nuclear Diplomacy”

On January 6th 2010, at 10:00:01, North Korea conducted an underground nuclear test at its Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site. It was announced over the North Korean news network, and confirmed by seismological reports by both the United States Geological Service and the China Earthquake Networks Center, with both groups releasing reports of a seismic event resulting

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Aftermath Of The Occupy Central Protests In Hong Kong

28 September 2015, marked the one year anniversary of the Occupy Central protests in Hong Kong. With its iconic symbolism of yellow umbrellas, the event marked the approximately 2 month long protest occurring primarily in the Central-the heart of the financial district in Hong Kong. Although many people turned up

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The Voice of the Boat People and its Lesson for the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Recently, a Vietnamese immigrant, Tat Wa Lay, who immigrated to England in 1984 as part of the Vietnamese Boat People, posted a Facebook post that was widely shared: At the end of his post, Lay asks for people to “take a moment to think about all the Syrian refugees

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