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A junior at Claremont McKenna College dual-majoring in Government and Psychology. She is strongly passionate about public policy and affairs. LinkedIn:

Chemical Attack In Syria Kills Dozens

On Tuesday in the Idlib province of Syria, a chemical attack killed dozens of people in a rebel-held area. The area, Khan Sheikhoun, where the attack took place is not held by the Islamic State, but by Qaeda-linked militants and a variety of other rebel groups. This attack will be marked […]

Bangladeshi Assault: Two Militants Dead And The Standoff Fails To End

On Sunday in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Bangladeshi troops assaulted an apartment house in the northeastern city of Sylhet, killing two of the militants in the building. The troops attacked using tear gas, firing bullets, and used armored vehicles in an attempt to flush out the militants holed up in the building. […]

Trump Adviser Roger J. Stone Communicates With Hackers

This weekend, Roger J. Stone Jr., a political consultant and advisor to President Donald Trump, said that within the last year he has communicated with an online hacker “Guccifer 2.0” and that the exchange was “completely innocuous.”  Furthermore, he claims that he had forgotten about the private Twitter exchange because it […]

EU Parliament Imposes Visas On US Citizens Visiting Europe

On Thursday, March 3 members of the European Parliament held a European Commission to dispute against the United States (US) visa-restricted countries, which specifically targeted five European nations. The Trump administration targeted Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland and Romania. The European lawmakers pressured the US, demanding visa restrictions on US travellers into the EU. Although, this […]

Michael Flynn Resigns As US National Security Adviser

On Monday, February 13, Michael Flynn resigned as President Trump’s National Security Adviser. His abrupt departure occurred seven hours after counselor to the President, Kellyanne Conway said on MSNBC that Mr. Trump had “full confidence” in Mr. Flynn. His withdrawal happened less than a month into his position and made […]