Lauren Groundwater

About Lauren Groundwater

Lauren has a Bachelor's of Arts majoring in International Relations and Political Science and is currently completing a postgraduate diploma in International Relations. Lauren is interested in looking at the humanitarian aspect of conflicts in the hope to balance the mainstream, militarised focus that dominates the media and scholarship currently.

Hardened US Military Stance Worsens Situation In Afghanistan

Afghanistan, particularly Kabul, is being fought over by IS and Taliban as they compete for international notoriety. IS carried out an attack in Kabul on an army post on January 29, killing 11 soldiers. Six people were killed in an attack on January 24 when a suicide bomber attacked a […]

U.S. And Turkey Butting Heads In The Middle East

U.S. forces involved in the Syrian Civil war openly support the YPG Syrian-Kurd militia who have clashed with Turkey in Northern Syria. Trump has warned Turkey not to bring the U.S. and Turkish forces into conflict with each other, urging cessation of its military operation in Northern Syria. The Turkish […]

Ngā Mōrehu, Survivors Of The State – New Zealand’s Stolen Generation

The subject of abuse within state welfare institutions in New Zealand is finally being addressed. However, the prevalence of Māori in these institutions continues to be treated as a tangential issue. Race Relations Commissioner, Dame Susan Devoy, has underlined that between the 1950s and 1970s almost half of all children […]

Nazism Vocabulary Creeps Into Austrian Politician’s Rhetoric

There has been a public outcry in Austria after Freedom Party Interior Minister, Herbert Kickl, made a statement in which he declared that ‘basic services centres, suitable infrastructure that enables us to concentrate people in the asylum process in one place.’ This comes as the party’s leaders, Heinz-Christian Strache, has […]

Cambodia’s PM Accused Of ‘Killing Democracy’ In Lead Up To 2018 Elections

Cambodia has been accused of ‘killing democracy’ after a recent crackdown on political opposition. Kem Sokha, leader of the opposition party in Cambodia, was arrested at midnight on September 3rd during a night raid on his home in Phnom Penh. His party, Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP), was then dissolved […]

The Contemporary Slavery Issue Needs Our Full Attention

Reports of a “modern-day” slave market have come out of Libya recently. While it is imperative that the international community give their attention to the issue, it is vital that we recognize this is only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. A report issued by the International Labour […]

Is History Repeating Itself? North Korean Issue Vs. Cuban Missile Crisis

In 1962, the USA and the USSR found themselves hurtling towards what seemed like imminent nuclear war after the Soviets planted nuclear weaponry in Cuba. Tensions were so high for 13 days that even the smallest action or miscalculation could have sparked an all-out nuclear war. Today, the U.S. finds […]

Are We On The Cusp Of Another Cold War?

Relations between the U.S.A. and Russia have taken an icy turn in recent years. These tensions have grown from international reactions to aggressive moves by Russia. While a natural reaction to aggressive behaviour by a state sanctions often increase tensions as they back the aggressor into a corner. They make […]

Peace Talks Imperative In Southern Thailand Conflict

Violence in southern Thailand has been ongoing since 1948 and is considered as one of the longest-running Muslim insurgencies in Asia. However, a recent series of ISIS scares have spread fears of a new terrorist threat. Leaflets issued by militants often contain jihadist language and many see the violence as […]

North Sinai Mosque Attacked By Insurgents

Al-Rawdah mosque in north Sinai has been bombed by militants killing at least 232 people and injuring around 120. As Friday prayers on the 24th of November were finishing, four off-road vehicles approached the mosque and militants charged inside, gunning down worshippers. There were reportedly around 20 attackers and the […]