Kamile Taouk

The Impact Of Terrorism On Developing Countries

The presence of terrorist groups in developing countries has led to a multitude of problems for millions of civilians. Many extremist militant groups have been founded with the intention of overthrowing the government and ideologies of a particular country and replacing it with their own. Factors, such as religious beliefs, […]

The Lack Of Health Services In Developing And War-Torn Countries

  Recent studies have shown that children in third world countries have significantly higher mortality rates from abdominal surgery. Patients who have emergency surgery for conditions, such as appendicitis are seven times more likely to die if they live in a poor country. Children in the poorest countries are statistically […]

The Syrian Civil War And Its Impact On Lebanon

The number of Syrian refugees residing in Lebanon has continually increased since the commencement of the Syrian civil war in 2011. Recent crises have developed within Syria, and have led to an influx of Syrian civilians seeking refuge behind Lebanese borders. The overwhelming amount of Syrians in Lebanon has resulted […]