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Currently an M.A candidate at Carleton University, Ottawa, with a focus on International Relations and Foreign Affairs.

Egypt: A Nation Of Potential

Having faced a tenuous political environment since the outbreak of the Arab Spring in 2011, Egypt has witnessed the overthrow of a dictatorship, experienced military rule, held it’s first democratic elections, and faced a military coup all in the span of six years. Egypt’s strongman and current president, Abdulfattah Al […]

Mauritania, The Last Bastion Of Slavery?

Carved away on the far Western reaches of the Sahara desert lies the country of Mauritania, which remains an enigma for the vast majority of people due to its relatively low international profile. However, its inconspicuous nature plays the part of a shroud veiling a evil practice considered abhorrent by […]

The Problem With Kurdish Independence 2

Following the Kurdish independence referendum held in Iraq on the 25th of September, many in the region awoke to a new geopolitical reality following the vote, with the increasing likelihood of an independent Kurdish state. The referendum resulted in a landslide victory of over 90% for those in favour of the […]

Saudi Arabia And The Regional Game Of Thrones

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is arguably one of the most iconic and strategically important states within the geopolitical web of the Middle East. It is not breaking news that the kingdom plays a significant role in the production and export of oil, which essentially enables the kingdom to play […]

Black Gold: Nigeria’s Curse 5

To the grievance of many Nigerians, more often than not the West African state is commonly associated with themes of corruption and resource mismanagement. Nigeria, as many other so-called third world countries who are resource rich, suffers from the resource curse. Nigeria has the 11th largest proven oil reserves in […]

Where’s The Beef?

It is no secret that in the Hindu faith, followed by over 80% of the Indian population, cows are venerated creatures that are to be respected. The politics surrounding cows in India are so deeply entrenched in Indian society that, since 2014, India has seen a spike in ethno-religious tensions […]

The Consequences Of A New Korean War 2

A few years ago, the possibility of a new war erupting on the Korean Peninsula would have been thought of as a distant and unrealistic scenario. This was primarily due to the Obama administration’s preference of utilizing diplomacy and sanctions as punitive measures, rather than repeating the mistakes of the […]

Rwanda’s Path To Healing, A Blueprint For Post-Conflict Stability, Or Flawed Approach?

Twenty-three years ago, one of the world’s most violent and vicious conflicts erupted in the small African state of Rwanda, and within a mere hundred days the situation escalated into a full on genocide. This conflict forever left its mark on not only Rwanda, but neighbouring states as well. Over […]

The Forgotten War In The Central African Republic 2

It is not uncommon to come across weekly or even daily headlines concerning the wars in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Yemen. On occasion, the media may extend its coverage to include a news piece briefly going over the ongoing conflict in Somalia. Yet, there is one conflict that seems to […]

The Implications Of The Turkish Military Deployment In Qatar 2

The Gulf Cooperation Council today faces a period of internal tension and political division unprecedented since its conception in 1981. Following several disagreements between Qatar and its neighbouring states of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the U.A.E, over post-Arab Spring regional policies relations among these former allies have culminated in a […]