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Kendall is a Junior at Florida State University studying Sociology and English. She is currently the Editor in chief of a start up magazine evolve.

Canadians Call For Trudeau To Follow Through On Support For Gaza

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently caught heat from his silence on matters in Gaza. In the fall of 2014, Trudeau expressed support on Twitter for a popular humanitarian campaign, “Heal100Kids,” headed by Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish. Heal100Kids stemmed out of a two-month-long assault by Israeli forces. The attack left over […]

French Muslim Student In Media Storm Over Headscarf

Maryam Pougetoux faced heavy backlash earlier this month after appearing in a television documentary.  The film was geared toward bringing awareness to local student protests occurring at her university since earlier this year. Her thoughts on controversy were seemingly overridden by her wearing of a headscarf, by which she retained criticism […]

Taliban Storms Major City In Western Afghanistan

Early last week, Taliban fighters waged an attack on the city of Farah in Afghanistan. The attack, set up from multiple directions to seize the provincial capital, was part of the ongoing battle between the rebel group and the State. According to officials on site, casualties could not be counted […]

For Palestinians, U.S. Embassy Move Cements Occupation Status Quo

Sunday, Jewish settlers marched in celebration around East Jerusalem alongside Israeli police protection. The march signifies the Israeli annexation of Jerusalem in 1967, consistently causing unrest for the city’s Palestinian population. In recent years, those participating in the event left a number of Palestine businesses in ruins provoking counter-protests, which […]

Rwanda’s Kagame Accuses ICC Of Bias Against Africa

The President of Rwanda Paul Kagame reiterated harsh critique towards the International Criminal Court at the end of April. He argued that the court held bias towards Africa and failed to create justice in other parts of the world. The ICC was permanently established under the Rome Statute of the […]

Hundreds Of Thais Protest, Defying Military Ban

At the end of last month, one of the largest protests in Thailand’s four-year long military rule occurred. Nearly one thousand protesters gathered to petition the building of a government-funded luxury housing project on forested land. Since the seizure of Thailand by the military in 2 014, there has been […]

63 Dead In Afghan Voter Center Attack

Voter registration centres in the capital city of Afghanistan and neighbouring Baghlan were victim to bombings early last week. The centres totaled casualties of approximately 63 civilians, with hundreds reportedly injured, after the massive explosion. The malicious attacks began in Kabul, when a suicide bomber detonated explosives at the doorway […]

Human Rights Group Says Myanmar’s Rohingya Repatriation Photo Staged

Rohingya Rights groups expressed grave apprehension after Myanmar’s most recent announcement to “repatriate” the first Rohingya Family, Al Jazeera reported last Sunday. A photograph showing a family of five receiving immigration cards, medical aid, and living quarters from Myanmar officials, has caused some scandal. The image was attached to a […]

Thousands Protest Over Extra Judicial Arrests And Killings In Pakistan

Naqeebullah Mehsud, an aspiring Pashtun model was reportedly murdered by Pakistani police early this month. The killing generated an uproar in the Pashtun community, sparking massive protest in Peshawar against “extrajudicial” killings and arrests. Pashtuns, more popularly recognized as “Afghans,” reside in tribal regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Despite the […]

Turkey And Russia To Build Hospital For Syrians Fleeing Eastern Ghouta

Turkey and Russia announced the construction of a medical facility in Tel Abyad in hopes of tending to those trying to evade the unrest in Eastern Ghouta this past Wednesday. The development is said to be located around 300 miles away from the capital city of Damascus. Turkish President Recep […]