Kristen Dahlberg

World’s Forgotten War Leads To Dire Humanitarian Crisis

After Houthi rebels in Yemen claimed responsibility for the recent missile intercepted above Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the civil war in Yemen came back to the forefront of media outlets.  With the whole country facing a devastating humanitarian crisis, Yemen’s civil war is starting to be known as the world’s forgotten […]

Palestinian Resistance Figure Ahed Tamimi Is Sexually Harassed By Israeli Soldiers During Interrogation

Palestinian Resistance Figure, Ahed Tamimi, has accused Israeli soldiers of sexual harassment during an interrogation. Tamimi’s lawyer filed a complaint regarding the incident. The incident took place when an Israeli soldier commented on Tamimi’s looks and made creepy attempts at flirting with her. He said to her that she “[had] […]

Israeli Forces Deploy Violence Killing And Injuring Palestinian Protesters

On Friday, March 30th, over a thousand Palestinians were injured and sixteen left dead at the hands of Israeli soldiers during a mass protest. The ‘Great March of Return,’ as the demonstration was called, marked the 42nd anniversary of ‘Land Day’, which memorialized events that happened March 30th, 1976, when […]

Assad Regime Refuses Ceasefire As Humanitarian Crisis Worsens

Syria’s Assad regime refuses ceasefire as the humanitarian crisis in Eastern Ghouta worsens. On Sunday, March 4, President Assad announced he will continue his military offensive against rebel-held enclave, Eastern Ghouta, despite the United Nations’ accusations it is causing an exasperating humanitarian crisis. President Assad justifies his military offensive by […]

Turkey Initiates Kurdish Leader’s Arrest

On Saturday, February 24th, Salih Muslim, a former Kurdish official, was arrested in Prague, according to Turkish secretary officials. His detainment follows an announcement from the Turkish Interior Minister offering a bounty of one million dollars for Muslim’s arrest. The detainee was caught after an International Criminal Police Organization “red […]

Colombia Tightens Border Control As Increasing Venezuelan Migration Continues

In a visit to Cucuta, a small Colombian city bordering Venezuela, Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos announced his intention to tighten border control in response to Venezuelan migration into Colombia. President Santos announced  that Colombia will no longer grant temporary border crossing cards, which have already been issued to 1.5 […]