Kalie Mangelsen

Istanbul’s Saturday Mothers Detained For Vigil 1

On August 25, the Saturday Mothers’ protest in Istanbul, Turkey was broken up by police officers with water cannons and tear gas. The Saturday Mothers have been holding weekly vigils since 1995 for those who “disappeared” in police custody according to Amnesty International. Images of previous events show relatives of […]

Improving Access To Social Services For Europe’s Roma Families

Vaclav Havel once said that “the treatment of the Roma is a litmus test for democracy.” We are currently failing this test. According to The Economist, the Roma are the largest stateless minority in Europe (and also one of the poorest and most excluded minorities in the old continent). According […]

Afghan City Suffers Surprise Four-Day Taliban Attack

On 13 August the Taliban launched a four-day surprise attack on Ghazni, a city in southern Afghanistan. The Associated Press reported that hundreds have fled to escape the fighting, leaving the city streets bare. Contradictory reporting has illustrated two drastically different images of the city: one where the Taliban roams […]

Russian Journalists Ambushed And Killed In Central African Republic

Three Russian journalists were ambushed and killed on July 30th in the Central African Republic (CAR). Orkhan Dzhemal, Alexander Rastorguyev, and Kirill Radchenko were reportedly attacked while driving near the village Sibut. Several news organizations have reported that they were investigating a private military company called Wagner. According to The […]

Civilians And Local Militia Resist ISIS Attacks In Southwestern Syria

Islamic State (ISIS) militants coordinated suicide bombings along with multiple shootings in Sweida and other villages and towns in south-western Syria. The attack occurred on July 25, and both civilians and local militia took up arms to defend the region. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported 252 deaths, 135 […]