Kimberlee Lewis

What A Le Pen Victory Would Mean For France

On Sunday the 7th of May, French voters will participate in the final round of the French Election determining who will be their next President. Their choices are between two candidates; Emmanuel Macron, an independent centrist and founder of the En Marche! party, and Marine Le Pen, of the right-wing […]

Masked Protesters Storm Macedonian Parliament And Attack MPs

Around 200 masked protesters stormed the Macedonian parliament on Thursday night, attacking MPs and injuring at least 10 police officers. The protests came after the election of Talat Xhaferi, an ethnic Albanian, as speaker of the house by the coalition. Witnesses to the scene described broken glass and blood coating […]

11 People Killed In Venezuelan Protests

At least 11 people have been killed following riots and protests in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, Friday night. According to reports from the Public Ministry, the incident took place in El Valle, a neighbourhood bordering Caracas’s largest military base inside a local bakery where a group of looters were hit […]

Chinese Foreign Minister Says Military Action Will Not Solve the North Korean Conflict

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has strongly condemned the possibility of military action against North Korea, stating he believes it will not resolve the issue. Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Yi claimed he expected the outcome of the current tension to result in peace talks. Recent tensions between North Korea […]

How The West Should Deal With Russia

On the 9th November 1989, the Berlin Wall fell and with it collapsed the tremendous stretch and power of the Soviet Union. Before this collapse, the Soviet Union had taken its place as one of the two major superpowers emerging out of World War 2 and entrenched itself in a […]

US Senator Claims Russia Attempted To Hijack US Election

A United States Senator has claimed Russia attempted to hijack the US 2016 election through forms of fake news and propaganda. Democratic Senator Mark Warner, the ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday testified that Russia employed a social media campaign aimed at spreading fake news targeting Democratic […]

US Army General Suggests Russia May Be Supplying The Taliban

According to a top US Army general, Russia may be arming Taliban militants fighting against the U.S backed Afghani government. U.S. Army General Curtis Scaparrotti told a NATO committee in Europe on Thursday Russian influence had increased in the region, and could potentially extend to the support of the Taliban. […]

The Netherlands Says “No” To Right-Wing Populism

The Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte has won a decisive victory in the Dutch general election, indicating a win for the center left in the fight against the spread of Western populism. His party, VVD, won 33 of the 150 seats in parliament while his main competitor, Geert Wilders of […]

Trump’s War Against The Media Poses A Deep Threat To Freedom Of Speech

Since the beginning of the 2015 Republican primaries, Donald Trump and mainstream media outlets have had a curious fascination with one another. To the common spectator, coverage of the American primaries, as well as the general election seemed almost unavoidable with Trump inciting outrage at every turn with his elaborate […]

Dakota Access Protesters Vow To Extend Fight to Other Pipelines

This week, protesters of the Dakota Access pipeline, who were removed from their protest grounds have vowed to extend their fight to other pipelines. Almost 50 protesters, many of whom are Native American and Environmental activists, were removed or arrested from the Oceti Sakowin camp in Cannon Ball, North Dakota. […]