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I'm currently studying at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, majoring in Linguistics and Sociology.

Search And Rescue In The Mediterranean: Are We Encouraging Traffickers?

Due to political unrest, thousands of people from Northern Africa attempt to cross the Mediterranean Sea in order to seek refuge in the Europe. However, the journey is fraught with difficulties and boats are prone to sinking, resulting in the deaths of thousands every year. Over 1,000 refugees have drowned […]

Donald Trump Arrives In Saudi Arabia

On Saturday, 20 May 2017, US President Donald Trump arrived in Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyad; the first stop on a nine-day tour throughout the Middle-East and Europe. The tour will cross four nations, with five stops. Notably, the stops will take him through Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Italy. These stops […]

South Korea Scraps Rewrite Of History Books

In 2015, the South Korean government, under Park Guen-Hye, pushed to issue compulsory state-authored history textbooks in schools. This occurred after the Ministry of Education called for a revision of Korean history textbooks in 2013. Park’s father, Park Chung-Hee introduced state-issued textbooks in 1973, but by 2003, the use of […]

Protests In Macedonia Prompt External Concern

On Thursday, April 27, massive protests broke out in Macedonia’s capital, Skopje. Thousands of ethnic Macedonians approached the parliament building before storming in, breaking through police blocks. Authorities have released a statement saying that 77 people were injured, including 22 police officers and 3 lawmakers. Zoran Zaev, the Social Democrat […]

Thousands Protest The AfD In Cologne

The Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party held a conference this weekend in Cologne. A far-right party, the AfD are known for their firm stance against immigration. The news that the party, including 600 party delegates, would be holding a conference in a central Cologne hotel has been met with strong […]

South Africa Marches Against President Zuma

This week has seen massive protests in South Africa, calling for President Jacob Zuma to step down. On Friday 12 April, thousands of young South Africans hit the streets in response to the downgrading of the country’s credit rating and Zuma’s record of alleged corruption. In addition to this, people […]

Protests In Venezuela: Pushing For Democracy, Food, And Medicine

This week has seen Venezuela’s capital, Caracas, shut down due to tens of thousands of demonstrators hitting the streets in order to protest the current leftist government headed by President Nicolás Maduro, who has been accused of trying to cement a one-man rule. The protests, aligned with the National Assembly, […]

Protests In French Guiana

On Monday, March 27, a general strike organized by over 27 labour unions in French Guiana began. More than 10,000 people attended this demonstration through the territory’s capital, Cayenne. This strike has been supported by a number of protests throughout the region, with over 250,000 people joining on the second […]

Hong Kong’s Ongoing Battle For Democracy

Twenty years ago, Hong Kong was returned to China’s control under a policy called “one country, two systems.” This policy was outlined in the Sino-British Joint Declaration of 1984 and was to give Hong Kong 50 years of no change. The policy was embodied in a “mini constitution” known as […]

Argentina’s Teachers And Unions Hit The Streets In Protest

On Monday, March 6, thousands of teachers in Argentina hit the streets of Buenos Aires in protest, demanding better working conditions and salary increases. The strike lasted 24-hours, delaying the beginning of Argentina’s academic year. Demonstrators held banners of the national flag. Specifically, the teachers were calling for a 35% […]