Kathryn Hanlon

The International Committee Of The Red Cross To Suspend Operations In Afghanistan

On Wednesday this week, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) suspended operations in Afghanistan following an attack on eight ICRC aid workers earlier in the week. An ICRC convoy was ambushed and six ICRC employees have been killed while two are still missing. The aid workers, carrying livestock […]

Afghan Government Controls Less Than 60 Percent Of The Country

In the fifteen years since the US-led intervention in Afghanistan the Taliban are rapidly retaking territory in Afghanistan. This past Wednesday, a US watchdog agency released a report claiming that the Afghanistan government controlled less than 60 percent of the country after security forces retreated from many strongholds last year. Foreign […]

The Netherlands Commit $10 Million To Aid Abortion Services In Developing Nations

Last Monday President Donald Trump, in a bid to uphold his election promises, signed a decree to reinstate a policy on abortion and international aid funding. The policy, more commonly known as the Mexico City Policy, was originally created under U.S President Ronald Reagan in 1984. Being a controversial policy, […]

Oman Joins The Saudi-Led Anti-Terrorism Islamic Coalition

Earlier this week, Oman confirmed its move to join a Saudi-led coalition of Muslim countries to fight terrorism. This move has been praised by other Gulf Arab states. The Omani Foreign Ministry hopes the move will bring peace and security to the region. In December 2015, Saudi Arabia announced the […]

New Wave Of Peace Talks For Syria

Last Saturday, Syrian peace talks took place in Lausanne. However, despite the pressing need for a ceasefire in Syria, the peace talks on Saturday were unsuccessful in delivering this outcome. The conflict in Syria is entering its sixth year and has claimed approximately 300,000 lives. In September of this year, […]