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Kerent is an undergraduate International Studies student at the University of San Francisco with minors in Middle Eastern Studies and Jewish Studies & Social Justice.

What Does Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s Death Mean for ISIL?

ISIL leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed on Sunday as a result of a raid by U.S. Special Operations Forces in northern Syria. The leader of the Islamic State was cornered when he triggered an explosive suicide vest that killed himself and three of his children. He was quickly identified […]

Qatar Announces Abolishment Of Kafala System For Migrant Workers

The UN employment rights agency, The International Labour Organization (ILO), recently stated they will be terminating Qatar’s Kafala system by January. This move is in response to criticism from human rights groups for the inhumane treatment of migrant workers, after news that the country would host the 2022 World Cup. […]

ISIS Militants Break Out Of Syrian Prison Amid Turkish Bombing

A spokesman for Syrian Democratic Forces in northern Syria said that five ISIS members have broken out of prison in Qamishli city yesterday due to Turkish bombing nearby. Concurrently, women who were previously affiliated with ISIS at the Al Hol camp began an uprising where they attacked security forces with […]

Colombia’s Student Protests Result In Violence

On Friday, September 27th, Colombian students from eight different universities took to the streets to protest corruption amongst University officials. As a result of these protests, five students were seriously injured due to an explosion. Additionally, one student committed suicide at Pontifica Javeriana University by jumping from the eighth floor. […]

Jordanian Teachers Continue Strike Against Low Pay

Teachers in Jordan continue their strike demanding a 50% salary increase for the third week. After being promised pay increases in 2014, the government has not completed this promise and is now claiming that there is simply not enough money. Walid Maani, the Minister of Education, told Jordanian Roya TV […]

Turkey And U.S. Visit Syrian Safe Zone

Syria and Turkey have established a joint safe-zone on the Syrian-Turkish border, meant to address Turkey’s national security concerns. This will result in the clearing of the People’s Protection Unit (YPG) near the Turkish border. This news comes after much pressure from Turkey’s President Erdogan on the United States to […]

UN Calls For Accountability Of War Crimes In Yemen

The UN has recently released a statement announcing that the U.K., the U.S., France, and Iran may be responsible for war crimes carried out in Yemen through their continuous support for parties operating in the war-torn state. Both the Houthis, backed by Iran, and the government and their loyalists, backed […]

Former FARC Leaders Issue A Call To Arms In Colombia

Ex-FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) leaders released a video last week claiming that they will be picking up arms and initiating a new era of fighting despite the peace process being in full effect in Colombia. FARC is a rebel group born in 1964 out of Leninist-Marxist ideology. They […]

ISIS Continues To Operate Despite Trump Announcing Their Eradication

Various sources have confirmed that ISIS has regained strength in major footholds, months after Trump claimed responsibility for wiping out the terror group entirely. According to a 15 July United Nations assessment on the status of ISIS, the “caliphate” has lost its geographical centre and is operating covertly. However, its […]

U.S. Sanctions Preventing Iranians From Receiving Medicine

The United States’ sanctions have resulted in Iranians scrambling to find life-saving medicine. Trump and his “maximum pressure” campaign has been blamed for the deterioration of health and employment in Iran’s population. While Iran is able to supply more than 90% of their own pharmaceuticals, about 4% of medicine is […]