Author: Keely Bastow

Mass Killing Spree Devastates Citizens In Tigray

A 24-hour killing spree in Mai-Kadra, a town in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, has left hundreds, if not thousands, of people dead. The attackers carried machetes and knives and hacked bodies to death in homes and on the streets. The stench of death remains heavy in the air as

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Trial For Women’s Rights Activists In Saudi Arabia Renews Calls For Women To Be Released Who Have Been Jailed Since 2018

Women’s activists in Saudi Arabia have been arrested and held for almost three years, but have not been convicted of any of the accused criminal activity. The crimes they are charged with include organizing to promote women’s rights, challenging the male guardianship system, and contacting foreign media organizations. Many human

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Court Case Proceedings Begin In Argentina’s Baby Theft Trial

Court proceedings have begun in a case regarding the baby thefts and torture of prisoners under the military junta rule in Argentina between 1976-1983. So far, 18 people have been charged with torture, illegal deprivation of liberty, abduction of babies, and sexual assault. The trail is expected to last longer

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#EndSARS Protests Continue In Nigeria

Protests have been on-going in Nigeria in recent weeks against the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS). The protests were sparked by a video of members of the SARS unit beating a civilian. The government officially announced it would disband the unit on October 11, but protesters have continued to gather.

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Explosion In Southern Lebanon Demolishes A Hezbollah Arms Depot

An arms depot controlled by Hezbollah exploded in Ain Qana, a village in Lebanon south of Beirut. Sources say that the explosion was caused by ‘technical errors,’ but the facility was barred from reporters who attempted to investigate. There were no confirmed injuries or fatalities from the explosion, which comes

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