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Michael Harrison has a MA in Security Management from the University of Belgrade. He has interest in Humanitarianism and International Security Afffairs. Michael is keen in areas of Geo-Politics, Peacebuilding & Policy Analysis.

Putin’s Security Ideals Embedded In The Balance Of Power Theory: Russian Perspective

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, gave insight into his regime’s practical approach to international security via the classical Balance of Power (BOP) theory. The dominant practice of determent before and during the Cold War is still  highly relevant, notably in nuclear capabilities. Speaking at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) […]

European Union’s New Foreign And Security Policy: A Summary

  The European Union’s (EU) official Foreign & Security Policy (FSP) global strategies highlights the continuing trend of external preemptive protection and intervention to guarantee national safety with simultaneous  application of grander internationalism. Another pledge by a “superpower” to govern world affairs beyond its own geographic borders. That underlying rhetoric in […]

Brexit And Britain’s Security Concerns

Britain has voted to leave the European Union (EU) and it massively represents a monumental change, a quick fire of economic effects and potential security concerns going forward. With a majority of 52%, the LEAVE campaign of the Brexit referendum has achieved its objective to commence Britain’s gradual exist from […]

NATO Contesting Russian Influence In The Balkans

  NATO is incrementally winning the political war in the Balkans whilst Russian rhetoric is perpetually defensive man-oeuvres to maintain its relevance. Serbia, probably Russia’s strongest in the Balkans, has initiated a small but potentially massive cooperative pact with NATO Support Procurement Organization (NSPO). The agreement would broaden Serbian participation in multinational […]

PEGIDA’s anti-Islam movement transcending Germany’s border

PEDIGA; The Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West movement was an inevitable phenomena. The movement has swept throughout multiple European cities, notably in Dresden, Amsterdam and Dublin, with a clear message against the intake of refugees within their respective country borders. Irrespective of the international obligations within the […]

Putin ordered assassination of former KGB operative, Litvinenko?

This reports confirms what we have always believed and what the last labor government believed at the time of this dread murder’ – David Cameron. British Prime Minister talking on long standing suspicions of the role of Russian authorities  in the ‘murder’ of Aleksander Litvinenko in London.    Private inquiry by British officials into […]

Protests In Montenegro Over NATO Proposal

Citizens in Montenegro in support of Russia and pro-democratic practices protested in the streets of Podgorića in response to their government’s invitation to join NATO. Montenegro’s parliament debated and voted in favor for membership as early as September and received an official invitation which matched their apparent eagerness to ascend to the military […]