Karen Cheung

About Karen Cheung

Karen Cheung is a third year Commerce / Law student at the Australian National University. Her aim, as an OWP correspondent, is to challenge the status quo of resorting to destructive conduct. She wishes to inform individuals by providing them the necessary tools to think critically and offer peaceful solutions.

North Korea Launches 18th Missile Of The Year

Tuesday morning literally started with a bang. A North Korean mid-range ballistic missile, a weapon born of nuclear payload motives, flew over Japan and crashed into the Pacific Ocean 575 miles east of Japan. This daringly unprecedented provocation sparked chaos in Japan’s northern Hokkaido island where the Prime Minister Shinzo […]

UNHCR Condemns ‘Cash-For-Boat Turn Back’

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNCHR) representative, Thomas Vargas, has called for legal retribution and condemnation of governments that make payments to smugglers. Amnesty International alleges that Australian officials who paid people smugglers to return to Indonesia have committed transnational crimes. The organization has released a report detailing […]