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My name's Jovana and I'm currently a senior at DePaul University. I'm majoring in journalism with a minor in creative writing. My preferred pronouns are she/her. I'm first-generation Serbian American and I've lived in Chicago, Illinois my whole life.

Iran Protests: At Least 12 Killed At Unrest Over Petrol Price Rise

Protests erupted in about 100 cities and towns across Iran on Friday after its government announced that the price of petrol was expected to increase by 50%. The petrol price hike is just one of the setbacks Iran has had to face since the Trump administration’s decisions to withdraw from […]

Mexico’s Battle To Combat Cartel Violence

While organized crime leads Mexico to its deadliest year, communities surrounded by cartel activity continue to be severely affected. A Mormon colony, whose settlement in Northern Mexico dates back to the early 1900s, suffered tragic losses on Monday when heavily armed gunmen fired about 200 bullets at families travelling along […]

Man Accused Of Plotting To Bomb Colorado Synagogue

Just weeks after an anti-Semitic attack killed two people at a synagogue in eastern Germany, an arrest was made in the United States for the plotting of a similar hate crime. Richard Holzer, 27, was arrested on Friday for planning to vandalize Temple Emanuel in Pueblo, Colorado using explosives provided […]

Turkey Says Kurdish YPG Has Not Fully Withdrawn From Syrian Border

Two U.S.-backed sides are at odds as a crucial deadline determining Syria’s future actions towards Kurdish forces comes close. The YPG has been occupying a strip of territory along the Turkish-Syrian border and has been ordered by both Turkish and Russian officials to evacuate by 6 p.m. local time on […]

France Under Fire For ‘Historic Error’ With Balkan EU Hopefuls 1

More than 20 years after former Yugoslavia’s tragic war, the Balkan countries involved are still experiencing the consequences. Albania and North Macedonia faced opposition by French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday after attempting to progress into the EU. Macron’s decision to reject accession negotiations received a backlash from fellow EU […]