Author: Arjuna Keshvani-Ham

Afghanistan: Kandahar Mosque Explosion Kills More Than 65

At least 65 people were killed in a suicide bombing at a mosque in Kandahar on Friday, reports an attendee of a burial ceremony held for the victims on Saturday. “The prayer had ended. We were preparing to leave the mosque when we heard gunfire outside” claimed one witness who

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Five More Abducted Students Released in Nigeria

Five more students abducted from their schools by gunmen in Nigeria have been released, reported a correspondent at Reuters early on Saturday morning. Since December of last year, upward of 1000 students have been kidnapped in northwest and central Nigeria. Many are still being held in captivity, including 136 children

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Northern Cyprus: Turkish Cypriots Outnumbered By Mainland Turks

The presence of Turkish settlers in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) has long been a divisive issue. The dust had barely settled on the Greek coup of 1974 – a militaristic intervention carried out in the name of enosis, a political ideology demanding the unification of Cyprus with

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