Juliana Sanchez

Qatar Sues UAE, Saudi, And Luxembourg Banks Over Riyal Manipulation 1

Last Monday Qatar filed two lawsuits in New York against First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) and Samba Bank,  and one in London against Bank Havilland. The lawsuit claimed the following banks took actions to destabilize the Qatar Riyal (QR) according to a press release from the Qatar Government. “The Banks Havilland […]

UN Asserts Israeli Forces Have Committed War Crimes

Israeli forces may have committed war crimes against Palestinian protesters in Gaza last year, according to a United Nations Report states. It was also discovered that lethal force was used by the Israeli forces, killing 189 and injuring over 6,100 Palestinians protesting near the border between March 30th and December […]

Philippines Oceanic Waste Crisis

Despite government efforts in trying to reduce plastic in the ocean, Philippines is currently ranked as the third most contaminated ocean according to Ocean Conservancy. Many blame this contamination on a corrupt government and a rapidly growing economy. The Philippines has a long history with corruption, which has resulted in […]

Here Is Why Colombia Is Opening Its Arms To Venezuela

Colombia opens its arms to Venezuela receiving over 1,174,443 refugees according to the government agency, Migración Colombia. Out of the total refugees, 695,496 have legal documentation, and 479,247 come with incomplete documentation. Colombia has kept its borders relatively easy to access while surrounding countries have taken an initiative to tighten […]

UK Official Opposition Supports A Second Brexit Referendum

Britain’s main opposing party, the Labour Party, publicly announced its support for a second referendum on Brexit following the parliamentary vote that the United Kingdom leave the European Union without an established deal. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn hopes that by supporting the second vote this will stop “a damaging Tory […]

200 People Arrested in Turkey Over Gulen Ties

Turkey ordered the incarceration of 300 people including military personnel and soldiers, over suspected links with an insurgent group which planned a failed coup in 2016, according to local media and prosecutors. Police in Turkey had directly targeted followers of Muslim preacher Fethullah Gulen, as they gained impulse following the […]

Russia Unplugging From The Internet To Improve Cyber Defences?

The Russian Legislation has just approved a draft law for Russia to temporarily unplug from the global internet. The draft law, called Digital Economy National Program, is meant to test Russia cyber-defenses in case a foreign cyber attack occurred. These results and feedback are meant to complement and improve a […]