Justin Raposo

U.S Embassy Move Spurs Deadly Protests In Jerusalem

A series of mass demonstrations, in┬áresponse to the recent decision by the American government to relocate its embassy to Jerusalem, have led to violence, as clashes with Israeli military forces have hospitalized over 2,700 and has resulted in the death of at least 58 protesters. Protesters gathered in several locations […]

Carnage In Kabul: 95 Killed In Taliban Suicide Bombing

At least 95 have died and 158 have been injured in the Afghan capital of Kabul after Taliban militants detonated an explosive-laden ambulance in a densely-populated area. Passing through a police checkpoint into the central ward of the city, officials believe that the target of the attack was an interior […]

Escalating Protests In Iran Lead To Violence

Anti-government protests in Iran have erupted into violence, with confrontations between government forces and demonstrators being reported around the country. Two protestors have been reportedly killed as a result of these clashes. Protests have raged across Iran for three consecutive days. Erupting throughout several Iranian cities days ago, protestors continue […]

State Of Palestine Granted Membership In INTERPOL

Amidst fierce opposition from political rivals in the Israeli government, the Palestinian National Authority (PA) has made a successful bid to join Interpol. The State of Palestine is now one of the newest members to be admitted into the ranks of the international policing body. INTERPOL’s 2017 General Assembly in […]

Iraqi Kurdish Independence Referendum To Go Forward

A planned referendum on independence for the northern, Kurdish-majority region of Iraq will go ahead in the coming days despite the fierce opposition voiced by neighbouring nations and many within the international community. Masoud Barzani, President of the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG), has announced that it will go forward and […]

Burundian Refugees Fired Upon In The Democratic Republic Of Congo

At least 36 Burundian refugees have been killed by security forces in the Democratic Republic of Congo as a result of a recent set of clashes prompted by the announcement of plans to return several of them to Burundi. Security forces in the DR Congo fired upon protestors in the […]

Military Exercises Along The Lebanese Border: Is This The Prelude To A New Conflict In The Middle East?

Several branches of the Israeli military have gathered along the Lebanese border to participate in the largest military exercises in decades, leading to fears of renewed conflict with the Lebanese-based militant group, Hezbollah. These actions represent only one aspect of the wider Israeli-Iranian proxy war, with both nations vying for […]

The Forgotten Few: The State Of Prisons In A Deteriorating Venezuela

The state of Venezuelan society has quickly dissolved, going from being hailed as a beacon of democracy in the region to borderline collapse over the span of a few years. All levels of society have been greatly impacted by these events, and while international monitoring has been effective in highlighting […]

Maltese Government Turns Away Anti-Migrant Vessel

The Maltese government has denied a vessel charted by the far-right activist group Defend Europe access to its ports. A spokesperson for the Office of the Prime Minister of Malta announced that the C-Star, a 25-man vessel chartered by the anti-migrant Defend Europe group to participate in a campaign of […]

State Of Emergency Declared In State Of Virginia

Officials in the U.S. state of Virginia have declared a state of emergency in the city of Charlottesville after the outbreak of violence between far-right groups and their counter-protesters, with at least one dead and many left injured. Police forces in Charlottesville have worked to disperse hundreds of protestors after […]