Joss Bennett

About Joss Bennett

I am a current masters student studying Environment, Climate Change and Development (Msc) at the University of Manchester. I am particularly interested in environmental inequality, political-ecology and working towards a global sustainable future for our planet.

The Destruction Of Aboriginal Heritage And The Commercialisation Of Australia’s Outback

Mining in Australia continues to disempower Indigenous people. The fact that heritage destruction still occurs in contemporary mining exposes clear systemic flaws. Many injustices in mining go unreported as resource extraction activities can be hard to critically assess. It involves complex legal contracts which try to realign communities with stolen […]

Challenging The Representation Of Contemporary Migrants: Population Influx And Resource Inequality In Uganda

December 2019 marked the end of an adverse year for Uganda, with climate change and a looming 2021 election creating tension across different regions. Yet, perhaps more worrying is the emerging issue of increasing population numbers. This demographic shift calls into question whether certain areas will soon transcend the carrying […]

A Chance To Re-imagine Our Place In The Natural World: An Opportunity Presented By COVID-19

Times of crisis offer a space for individual reflection. They can promote new forms of self-awareness and on larger scales can even change societal values and priorities. COVID-19 seems likely to be a crisis that not only requires dramatic shifts in the way we live in the short term, it […]

Adrift And Isolated – Turmoil Deepens For Syrian Refugees Who Have Fled To Lebanon

Lebanon is in the middle of a spiralling socio-economic crisis, as it continues to struggle with a political deadlock after years of corruption and a recently failing economy. Such internal issues have been compounded by the presence of over 1.5 million Syrian refugees, recorded by the United Nations High Commission […]

Power, Poison And Pollution – Compounding Urban Growth With The Profitable Production Networks Of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, is one of the most crowded places on earth. It has almost 9 million residents and its rate of growth is set to rise in the coming months. With climate change making vulnerable coastal areas less inhabitable, its exponentially increasing national population growth rate […]

From The Coronavirus To Absolute Poverty: Why Will Inequality Be The Defining Issue Of The Next Decade?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is increasingly threatening to become a global pandemic, meaning it is spreading as an epidemic in various different locations independently, reaching a world-wide level of coverage. It seems that it will continue to cause significant disruption in the coming months outside of its place of origin, Wuhan, […]

Looking Ahead To The 2021 Ugandan Elections And The Threat Of Climate Change to Development Ambitions

Uganda, located in East Africa, aims to become a middle-income country by 2040. Located in East Africa this nation has high ambitions to elevate the 1/3 of its 38 million people out of severe poverty, above the World Bank threshold of $1.90 per day. However, these national aspirations are drifting […]

The Last Line Of Defence: Indigenous Communities And The Threat Of Invasive Agribusiness In Brazil

The Brazilian Amazon and the local Indigenous people who depend on it for survival are facing a new threat of encroachment by transnational agribusiness. After the widespread reports of the raging 75,000 forest fires towards the end of the last year, the recent election of far-right Present Jair Bolsonaro on […]