Author: Joss Bennett

Carbon Cost – Uncovering The Extent Of Internet Emissions

In this article, I talk exclusively about the emissions which fuel our data driven lifestyles. I will reveal the often unconsidered daily costs of running, storing and processing these online activities. This is discussed in the context of our personal carbon footprints which need to be addressed to reduce the

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The Destruction Of Aboriginal Heritage And The Commercialisation Of Australia’s Outback

Mining in Australia continues to disempower Indigenous people. The fact that heritage destruction still occurs in contemporary mining exposes clear systemic flaws. Many injustices in mining go unreported as resource extraction activities can be hard to critically assess. It involves complex legal contracts which try to realign communities with stolen

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Challenging The Representation Of Contemporary Migrants: Population Influx And Resource Inequality In Uganda

December 2019 marked the end of an adverse year for Uganda, with climate change and a looming 2021 election creating tension across different regions. Yet, perhaps more worrying is the emerging issue of increasing population numbers. This demographic shift calls into question whether certain areas will soon transcend the carrying

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