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Josephine Winslow is a politics and English double major at Scripps College. Her focuses are on international affairs and communications. She grew up in Los Angeles and has interned for her local politicians in the past.

Bangladeshi Photographer’s Arrest Draws Necessary Attention To Protests

Bangladesh has come under international attention after a series of student protests generated violence from the state itself. The protesting began on July 29th, when two young Bangladeshi students were killed by an unsafely driven bus. Thirteen others were harmed because of the driver’s speeding. This specific safety issue surpasses […]

Four Million Missing From India’s Draft Citizen List Furthers Tensions

India’s National Register of Citizens (NRC) draft has caused concern within the nation, as 4 million residents of the Indian state of Assam do not appear on the list. Assam is a border state with a high population of Bangladesh-Indian people, many of whom identify as Muslim. During the brutal […]

Ethiopia-Eritrea Peace Declaration May Destroy Decades Of Animosity

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, and Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki have signed a historic peace agreement that has the potential to drastically shift the political landscape of the region. This declaration closes a chapter of violence that has persisted since Eritrea originally gained independence. The tension began in 1993 when […]

Previously Opposed Iraqi Leaders Al-Abadi And Al-Sadr Create Alliance

In the wake of the May 12th Iraqi election, in which allegations of fraud caused political tensions, the current Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and infamous cleric Muqtada al-Sadr have declared the formation of a coalition. Al-Sadr is a populist politician who surprisingly won the past election, a result which raised suspicions […]

New Ethiopian Government Begins Reforms By Pardoning Hundreds

The Ethiopian government has ruled to release 304 people from prison, 289 of whom were arrested due to “terrorist” charges. These “terrorist” actions include participating in the Oromo protests, a series of demonstrations that began three years ago. The decision to release hundreds of individuals is one aspect of a […]

Following The U.S. And Guatemala, Paraguay Moves Embassy

Paraguayan President, Horacio Cartes, has made the decision to relocate the Paraguayan embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. Jerusalem is a city filled with political tensions, for both Palestinian and Israeli citizens see it as their rightful capital. Palestine and Israel both claim the city as their territory, and each […]

Violence On The Gaza Strip Increases, Draws More International Attention

The escalation of the Palestine-Israel conflict has garnered extensive international attention; the deaths on Friday in Gaza have only increased this, however, the nature of future responses are unclear. At least two Palestinians were killed by Israeli soldiers on the Gaza-Israel border, and many more have been injured. This incident […]