Jonathan Boyd

Unrest Continues In Jakarta In Response To Proposed Reforms

Civil unrest has been at boiling point in Indonesia for almost a week now, in response to the attempted introduction of new conservative reforms by the government, report the Independent and the BBC. Hundreds of people were injured in clashes between protestors and police on Wednesday 25 September, when tear […]

Threatened, Shot At And Killed: Crisis For Human Rights Defenders In Afghanistan 1

Human rights defenders in Afghanistan face “intimidation, harassment, threats and violence” both from armed groups, such as the Taliban and Islamic State, and government authorities, claims Amnesty International. Their conclusions are derived from interviews with activists and international organisations whilst being backed up by contextual research, highlighting that the situation […]

Unnecessary Surgery: Why A Rise In Hysterectomies Is A Failure For Women’s Health In Rural India

Hysterectomies are being carried out in rural communities in India at an unprecedented rate, reports Devyani Nighoskar in Al Jazeera. The medical definition of a hysterectomy is the surgical removal of the uterus (womb) but can sometimes lead to the removal of the ovaries, cervix or fallopian tubes. The procedure […]

A Worrying Trend: Trade Union Leader Sentenced To 7 Years In Kazakhstan

On 17th July Erlan Baltabai, the leader of a now-closed trade union of oil workers in Shymkent, Kazakhstan, has been sentenced to 7 years in prison after being found guilty of embezzlement. Baltabai has been on trial since the end of June, accused of misappropriating $28,000 in union dues. He […]

Mumbai Floods Have Claimed The Lives Of 27 People So Far

The heaviest rainfall in a decade has killed at least 27 people and caused major disruption in Mumbai and the surrounding areas. Monsoon rains, which usually run from June to September, have weakened structural foundations, with one wall collapsing and killing 18 people; flooded roads and transport systems; and disrupted […]

U.K. Court Of Appeal Labels Current Arms Trade With Saudi Arabia As Unlawful

A report published on June 20th by the U.K. Court of Appeal has labelled the U.K. government’s decision to continually license the export of weapons to Saudi Arabia, as unlawful. Indiscriminate bombing; repeated human rights violations and possible war crimes by both the Saudi-led coalition and Houthi Rebels have been […]

Oxfam’s Response To Allegations Could Help Restore Faith In Humanitarian Aid

A recent report, published by the Charity Commission on 11th June, details the failings of Oxfam in disclosing allegations of child abuse in Haiti and repeated cases of discrimination across the charity. An internal investigation was carried out by Oxfam in 2011 but was deemed insufficient by the Charity Commission […]

Anti-Corruption Raids In Kosovo Re-Ignite Existing Tensions

On Tuesday 28th May anti-corruption raids were carried out by authorities in the north of the city of Mitrovica, Kosovo. Al Jazeera states that more than 20 people were arrested, including both citizens and police. However, the raids have provoked deep-seated ethnic tensions between Serbians and Albanians, especially in Kosovo’s […]

Need For Independent Investigation Regarding The Deaths Of Three Protesters In North Waziristan, Pakistan

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) are calling on the Pakistani government to order an independent investigation into the reported killing of three activists in the North Waziristan region of Pakistan. While some accounts say eight people were killed, it is known that […]

Indigenization Of Politics: Mapuche Oppression In Chile And Argentina

Two high-profile cases of both the Chilean and Argentinian military killing Mapuche activists, during covert operations, have failed to escape the limelight. Camilo Catrillanca was shot in the back of the head on November 2018 by Chilean Special Police Operations Group (G.O.P.E), while he was driving a tractor through his […]