Author: Joe Arey

Violence In Mali And The Sahel – An Unresolvable Crisis?

On February 15, armed gunmen raided the village of Ogossagou in Central Mali, killing 31, destroying property, and stealing livestock. This is just the latest violent episode in a region that has been plagued by instability and terror since 2012. The situation in Mali and its neighbours is complex, with

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Iranians Go To The Polls – And The World Watches

Iran’s parliamentary election look set to return a large conservative majority – an outcome that would strengthen the hand of hard-line elements in the Islamic Republic at the expense of moderates and relative liberals. At a point of high tension in the region, the outcome of this election will likely

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The Cyprus Energy Dispute: A Worrying Development?

Last week, France’s President Macron authorized the deployment of French warships to preserve the status quo on and around the divided island of Cyprus. Tensions are high in the region, with Turkey pressing its right to drill for hydrocarbons in waters claimed by the Greek and Greek Cypriot governments, and

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