Joe Arey

The Cyprus Energy Dispute: A Worrying Development?

Last week, France’s President Macron authorized the deployment of French warships to preserve the status quo on and around the divided island of Cyprus. Tensions are high in the region, with Turkey pressing its right to drill for hydrocarbons in waters claimed by the Greek and Greek Cypriot governments, and […]

The Cyprus Energy Dispute: A Worrying Development?

Foreign Involvement Increases In Libya Ahead Of Peace Summit

What Does The Stalling Of Russo-Turkish Sponsored Peace Talks Mean For Libya? 

On 14 January, Libyan strongman General Khalifa Haftar walked away from a peace summit in Moscow, Russia. This summit, co-sponsored by Russia and Turkey, was aimed at settling a conflict that has been raging on and off for the best part of nine years. The failure of the summit will […]