Joe Wells

Humanitarian Crisis Continues To Grip Yemen As Civil Conflict Escalates

According to UNICEF, a child dies every 10 minutes in Yemen. A humanitarian crisis on a scale incomparable to anything seen in recent years has taken hold of the country. Since 2014, Yemen has been plagued by a civil war between Houthi rebels backed by Iran, and a 9-country coalition […]

How Can Sierra Leone Learn From Environmental Disaster? 3 Months On After The Mudslide That Claimed Hundreds Of Lives

Three months have passed since a major mudslide hit the Sierra Leone capital of Freetown. On the morning of August 14th, disaster struck. Heavy rains caused the slopes of Mount Sugarloaf to destabilize and slide downwards. Mud buried whole communities, killing over 500 people and leaving around 3000 homeless. Families […]

Fears Of A Renewed Conflict In The Central African Republic After Grenade Attack Kills Seven

Seven people have been killed and at least 20 injured in a grenade attack on the Central African Republic’s (CAR) capital, Bangui. The attack occurred on Saturday, November 11 evening at a concert designed to encourage peace and social cohesion.  Two individuals are reported to have approached concert goers on a […]

Mass Shooting In Texas Killing 26 “Not A Gun Issue” Says Donald Trump As America Again Questions Its Gun Laws

There are few topics more controversial in the United States than gun control. This highly contentious issue has been the subject of debate for decades, with opinions on either side of the spectrum provoking passionate and often angry responses from the other. The debate was sparked again this week after […]

The Democratic Republic Of Congo On Brink Of Humanitarian Crisis

A humanitarian crisis is intensifying in the Kasai region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as hundreds of thousands of people face starvation. Kasai, a region in the east of the DRC, has seen a mass exodus of civilians in the past year as a result of civil violence. […]

British Jihadists: What Is The Solution?

It has emerged this month that within the previous decade approximately 850 individuals from the U.K. have travelled to Syria or Iraq to lend their support to jihadist groups. Stemming from towns and cities across the U.K., these individuals have found familiarity and sympathy with the mission of these jihadist […]

Somalia Suffers Its Worst Ever Terrorist Attack

Somalia is continuing recovery efforts in its capital Mogadishu this week following the worst terrorist attack ever experienced in the east African nation. The capital was rocked by a massive explosion outside a hotel in the heart of the city on Saturday afternoon. Authorities believe two bombs within a truck […]

Liberian’s Head To The Polls In Landmark Election For The West African Nation

Liberians are heading to the polls this week to vote for a successor to Africa’s first freely elected female President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Sirleaf has spent 12 years in charge of the West African nation. The poll will see Liberia’s first exchange of power, from one democratically elected president to […]

Separatist Violence Erupts In Cameroon

Violent unrest in English speaking regions of Cameroon escalated this week. The Anglophone region of the central African nation, responsible for around 20% of the population, has witnessed an increasingly popular separatist movement in recent years. Within the past year especially, discontent among Anglophone regions against the Francophone majority has […]

London’s Acid Attack Problem

This week a 15-year-old boy has been arrested in London following an acid attack in Westfield shopping centre. The attack happened on 24 September and is thought to have been the result of a violent altercation between two gangs. Six people were injured during the incident, including innocent bystanders. Although […]