Joe Wells

How Can Sierra Leone Learn From Environmental Disaster? 3 Months On After The Mudslide That Claimed Hundreds Of Lives

Three months have passed since a major mudslide hit the Sierra Leone capital of Freetown. On the morning of August 14th, disaster struck. Heavy rains caused the slopes of Mount Sugarloaf to destabilize and slide downwards. Mud buried whole communities, killing over 500 people and leaving around 3000 homeless. Families […]

Fears Of A Renewed Conflict In The Central African Republic After Grenade Attack Kills Seven

Seven people have been killed and at least 20 injured in a grenade attack on the Central African Republic’s (CAR) capital, Bangui. The attack occurred on Saturday, November 11 evening at a concert designed to encourage peace and social cohesion.  Two individuals are reported to have approached concert goers on a […]

Mass Shooting In Texas Killing 26 “Not A Gun Issue” Says Donald Trump As America Again Questions Its Gun Laws

There are few topics more controversial in the United States than gun control. This highly contentious issue has been the subject of debate for decades, with opinions on either side of the spectrum provoking passionate and often angry responses from the other. The debate was sparked again this week after […]

Separatist Violence Erupts In Cameroon

Violent unrest in English speaking regions of Cameroon escalated this week. The Anglophone region of the central African nation, responsible for around 20% of the population, has witnessed an increasingly popular separatist movement in recent years. Within the past year especially, discontent among Anglophone regions against the Francophone majority has […]

The Arab World And Its Lost Heritage

The last 3 years of the so-called Islamic State’s barbarous militancy in the Arab world has caused destruction spanning the entire region. The recent liberation of Mosul and the eradication of IS’s last major stronghold demonstrates their decline in the region. However, their legacy of destruction and despair will linger […]

The New Approach To Counterinsurgency By The Sahel 5 Countries: What Does It Mean For Regional Peacebuilding?

On 2nd July, a long awaited transnational agreement was announced by the G5 Sahel nations. Backed by French President Emmanuel Macron, the leaders of Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, and Niger announced plans to deploy a multinational military force to combat the increasing insecurities in the Sahel caused by extremist […]