Jasper Hansen

U.S. Coercion: Trump Threatened Tariffs On European Powers Over Iran Deal

Shortly following the U.S. assassination of top Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, three European signatories to the Iran Nuclear Deal, France, Britain, and Germany, announced that they would be triggering the dispute resolution mechanism within the treaty. The dispute mechanism will mean that the signatories have 30 days to resolve the […]

Libyan Conflict: Russia And Turkey Vie For A Solution

On Sunday, military commander Khalifa Haftar announced his fighters would agree to a ceasefire in the Western regions of Libya, after having days earlier rejected the ceasefire called by Russia and Turkey. Minutes after the ceasefire went into place, however, both sides accused each other of having violated it. Khalifa […]

Waning U.S. Power: The Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

With the completion of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline expected later this year, the United States has decided to impose sanctions against the commercial European and Russian companies which are currently involved in its construction. Nord Stream 2 is an underwater pipeline currently being constructed in the Baltic Sea, which […]

Taliban Attack On U.S. Military Airbase Outlines The Futility Of Peace Talks

Two Afghan civilians have been killed and 73 others injured in a suicide bombing conducted by the Taliban near a key U.S. military airbase. The target in question—the Bagram Airbase—is the largest U.S. military base in Afghanistan. The attack comes as the negotiations between the U.S. and Taliban delegations in […]

Why Is The U.S. Occupying Syria’s Oil Fields?

On Saturday, a large U.S. convoy entered Syria to deploy additional military reinforcements to the oil fields in Northeastern Syria, Turkish, and Syrian media reported. The convoy crossed over from the Iraqi border and was transporting pick-up trucks, minibusses, and oil rigs. The move comes as a follow up to […]

The Re-emerging Cold War: Russia Urges U.S. To Extend Nuclear Pact

Russia has proposed to the United States that the two nuclear superpowers extend their New START nuclear arms reduction treaty by five years, as its expiration date in 2021 approaches. The New START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) was signed in 2010 under the Obama administration and is the last major […]

The United States’ Position On Israeli Settlements Underscores The Dangerous Influence Of Monied Politics 1

United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has announced that the U.S. will shift its position on Israeli Settlements in the West Bank, and no longer view them as a violation of international law. The move is a break from the established stance of most U.S. allies, and comes as […]

Two Australian Politicians Banned From China Over Criticism Of The CCP 2

Two Liberal politicians have been barred from entering China after they refused to retract criticisms that they had directed at the Chinese government. The two MPs, James Paterson and Andrew Hastie, were due to undertake a “study tour” in China next month, but both have since had their visa applications […]

23 Candidates Qualify For Algerian Presidential Elections Amidst Protests 1

Algeria’s electoral authority has announced that 23 candidates have qualified for the country’s controversial presidential elections which are set to be held on December 12. The decision has come amid fierce protests in the capital, Algiers, marking the 36th consecutive round of weekly anti-government demonstrations. Protesters have called for an […]

U.S. Democratic Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard Attacks Hillary Clinton Over Russia Accusations

On Friday, Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard launched a barrage of criticism against Hillary Clinton after the former first lady claimed Gabbard was “the favourite of the Russians” among the candidates for the 2020 race. The critical comments made by Clinton are in reference to Gabbard’s strong stance against the U.S.’s […]

U.S. Announces Sanctions On Turkish Government Over Syrian Offensive

On Monday, U.S. President Donald Trump imposed sanctions on the Turkish state as a punishment for Ankara’s ongoing military operations in Northern Syria. The decision comes a week after Turkey began its military campaign against the Kurdish ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’ (SDF) following the U.S.’s decision to withdraw its troops from […]