Joseph Lewis-Hughes

Peru’s Missing Women: Lockdown And Gender Based Violence

In recent months, Peru has faced a growing missing person’s crisis. Since lockdown was imposed in mid-March, female disappearances have risen considerably. According to Peru’s women’s ministry, figures in July indicated that about 1200 women had gone missing, which amounts to eight women reported as missing per day. By the […]

Palestine Criticizes Honduras And Nauru For Recognizing Jerusalem 1

Honduras and Nauru have both recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel this past week. On Thursday, President of Honduras Juan Orlando Hernández visited Jerusalem to open a diplomatically recognized trade office. According to Hernández, the office will act as an extension of the embassy in Tel Aviv. Palestinian officials […]

West Papua’s Struggle For Independence

Protests have erupted across Indonesia’s eastern region of Papua this week, following an incident where forty-three Papuan students were tear-gassed, barricaded and detained on Friday night, August 16, by Indonesian forces. As reported by the Australian Broadcasting Channel (ABC), students were held without charge for nine hours, following an allegation […]

Trump’s Affordable Clean Energy Rule Faces Legal Challenge

This year has seen yet greater increases in permafrost thawing in Russia, and more frequent incidents of extreme heat and weather. Blind to such events and their cause, the Trump administration released the ‘Affordable Clean Energy Rule’ (ACE). The ACE rule is Trump’s response to climate change, implemented by the […]

Eritrea’s Conscription Continues Despite War’s End 1

A report released by Human Rights Watch (HRW) on Friday has detailed Eritrea’s continued use of secondary schools to conscript students into national and military services. Before completing their final year of secondary school, students are sent to an isolated military camp to train and take their final tests. The […]

U.S. Withdrawal From INF Treaty Signals A Changing Nuclear Order

On Friday, August 2, the U.S. withdrew from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty). The Treaty prohibits the acquisition of ground launched missiles with a range of 500-1500 kilometers. The move came amidst concerns that Russia was no longer complying with the treaty. President Trump has also raised the […]

Disinformation And Social Media: A Threat To Security And Peace

This year, disinformation from Russian sources was discovered in the lead up to the European Union’s (EU) parliamentary elections. Disinformation is the malicious intentional spread of false claims, as opposed to misinformation, which refers to the unintentional spread of misleading and false claims. Disinformation in and of itself is a […]

Burkina Faso Counter-Insurgent Effort ‘Operation Doofu’ Fails Fulani Citizens 1

As a spate of violent attacks occur across Burkina Faso, the tactics used within counter-insurgency effort, ‘Operation Doofu’, are under fire. Mid-way through May, Operation Doofu was launched to ‘uproot terrorism’ and protect citizens. However, there are grave concerns about the tactics being utilized by security forces. In particular, there […]

Online Platforms Slow To Tackle Disinformation As EU Announces Russian Interference In Parliamentary Elections

A report released by the European Union (EU) on Friday presented evidence which suggests that Russia is using disinformation to impede elections to the EU parliament. According to the report, the aim was to sway voters towards right-wing parties by using disinformation to spread polarizing views on topics such as […]

LGBT+ Refugees Eviction From ‘Safe Housing’ In Kenya A Result Of Discrimination

LGBT+ refugees from a number of African countries were evicted from their refugee housing in Kenya on Friday. According to Reuters, the 76 LGBT+ refugees moved to Nairobi in April, seeking greater protection from discrimination they received within Kenyan refugee camps. On June 12, the landlord told the group to […]

Peace Talks In Sudan Collapse Following Arrest Of Opposition Leaders

On Saturday, members of the opposition were arrested in Sudan, after meeting with African Union (AU) appointed mediator Abiy Ahmed in an attempt to restart peace talks with the Transitional Military Council (TMC). Opposition politician, Mohamed Esmat, and secretary general of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North, Ismail Jalab, were seized […]

Ethiopia’s Drafted Legislation Against Hate Speech Threatens Journalistic Freedoms

Over the past year the government of Ethiopia, headed by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, has produced progressive reforms to increase journalistic freedoms and freedom of expression. Such freedoms have been frequently and harshly repressed by previous governments. However, with these freedoms inevitably arise complications, namely a rising culture of disinformation […]