James Laforet

About James Laforet

James Laforet holds an MA in Public Policy and Administration from Ryerson University and has a background in history and philosophy. He joined the OWP to help promote awareness of ongoing crises worldwide. He is particularly concerned with how climate change will exacerbate conflicts and believes that investments in climate adaption technologies will be key in mitigating future crises.

Tensions Rise And Violence Sparks As The Referendum On Chile’s Constitution Nears

On October 18, 2020, marking the anniversary of the violent protests that left 30 dead in Chile last year, tens of thousands of Chileans took to the streets to demand government reform. The peaceful protest quickly devolved into violence as protestors hurled Molotov cocktails and debris at police who in […]

Violence Continues To Erupt In Nova Scotia Over The Ongoing Lobster Dispute: Is The Crisis At A Tipping Point?

The dispute began when Sipekne’katik First Nation opened their own self-regulated fishery on Sept 17, 2020 in St. Mary’s Bay Nova Scotia, around 250km West of Halifax. One day later, reports surfaced of fracas on the water as flares and rubber bullets were fired. On Sept 20, non-Indigenous fishermen moved […]

Two Separate Attacks In South Africa Have Farmers At Boiling Point

Chantel Kershaw was assaulted by two armed men at her farm near Johannesburg. In a separate incident, Brendin Horner, was tortured and stabbed before being strangled to death near the town of Paul Roux. A protest gathered in Senekal outside the bail hearing for the suspects in Horner’s murder, forcing […]