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Currently studying Government and International Relations at the University of Sydney with an interest in international security and economic development.

Annan’s Myanmar Visit Signals Progress In The Rohingya Issue

Kofi Annan’s recent trip to Myanmar highlighted the continued legal, emotional and political limbo faced by the Rohingya, a minority group of mostly Muslim faith concentrated in Rakhine state in Myanmar.  Annan asserted that his position as chair of an advisory commission set by Myanmar’s foreign minister and former jailed […]

Tens Of Thousands Of South Sudanese Refugees Highlight Continued Violence Of Civil War

The UNHCR reported that more than 50,000 South Sudanese refugees have sought refuge in neighbouring country, Uganda, over the past two weeks. Neighbouring states, such as Kenya have reported close to 1,000 refugees, thereby marking the continued civil conflict that has paralyzed the country for nearly 3 years. The current […]

Indonesia And China: The ‘Other’ Emerging Relationship?

The twenty-first century has often been touted as the ‘Asian’ century, reflecting the rising economic and political dominance of the largest Asian nations: China and India. Yet, this narrative overlooks the rise of Indonesia, an archipelagic nation experienced in internal ethnic and religious conflicts, and its continued rise within the […]

Car Bomb Signals Ongoing Religious Tensions In Thailand

  The last few weeks have seen a spike in attacks within the Middle East and South East Asia. Earlier today, Indonesia reported a terrorist attack one day after the ending of Ramadan. Thailand was not immune to this, having experienced a car bomb attack in the southern province of […]

UN Secretary-General Calls for Israeli Actions Amidst Continued Negotiations

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon continued to highlight Israeli occupation of Judea and Samaria with a message encouraging Israel to take steps to resolve this longstanding dispute with Palestine. Ban’s message reflected continued UN negotiations surrounding a two-state solution alongside the numerous attacks faced by both Israelis and Palestinians in disputed […]

Indonesia Asserts Sovereignty Over Natuna Islands

Two days ago, Indonesian president, Joko Widodo, visited the Natuna Islands in order to assert Indonesian sovereignty against China’s growing claims of other islands. The Natuna Islands, located off Borneo, have increasingly seen Chinese and Indonesian authorities clash over the handling of Chinese fishermen by Indonesian authorities. Concerns over the increasing […]

The Indignados And Spanish Democracy: A Positive Relationship?

The 15th of May marked the fifth anniversary of the “Movimiento 15-M” or “Movimiento de los indignandos” (Movement of the outraged) with thousands of Spaniards coalescing into Puerta de Sol in recognition of the movement’s successes and its widespread impact not solely on the Spanish political landscape, but in worldwide […]

Students Shot by Papua New Guinean Police

  The recent shooting of Papua New Guinean university students by police forces marked a turbulent period in Papua New Guinean politics.  It has been reported by the Sydney Morning Herald that police with automatic weapons, had shot at students on their march to Parliament. Students had been boycotting university […]

UN Peacekeeper Death in Mali

A couple of days ago, the United Nations reported that a Chinese peacekeeper was killed near Gao, Mali, with a dozen UN personnel injured as a result of an explosive device impacting the outpost of the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission. The attack on the peacekeepers’ base was not […]

Cyclone Roanu’s Impact On Bangladeshi Coastline

  Last Saturday, Cyclone Roanu devastated the coast of Bangladesh triggering floods and damage which affected the hundreds of thousands of Bangladeshis living there. Nearly a week on, there still exists large signs of the Cyclone’s damage, particularly in the most affected districts of Patuakhali and Cox’s Bazar. Counting the […]