Jess Hoorda

Rohingya Refugees Face Greater Hardship As Monsoon Season Approaches

With the season on a turning point, another threat to the Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh is on the horizon. The upcoming annual rain and cyclone period risks deepening the current humanitarian crisis, where an estimated 800 000 – with 1 000 000 displaced Rohingya Muslims, including 520 000 children – […]

India And Iran Commit To Stronger Strategic Relationship

India and Iran have signed 15 memoranda of understanding in a renewed attempt to encourage a strategic relationship. Following President Rouhani’s visit to India, it was announced on Saturday, 17th of February, that the states will seek coordination in efforts to stabilize Afghanistan by combatting extremism and drug trafficking in the […]

Four Years And Counting: Conflict In Donbass

As the conflict in eastern Ukraine enters the fourth year, violence and disruption continue to affect the lives of the 600,000 people living either side of the ‘contact line’, of which one-sixth are children. Whilst the majority of the low-intensity conflict between Ukraine’s military and Russian-backed separatists plays out in […]

China-India Military Build Up Continues Along Doklam Plateau, Bhutan

Satellite imagery has indicated an increase in both Chinese and Indian ground and air capabilities within the disputed territory along the Tibetan-Bhutanese border. Doklam is an historical point of contention between China and Bhutan, with the latter supported by India, for which the region is of geostrategic importance. The military […]

Operation Olive Branch Intensifies as Turkish Troops enter Afrin, Syria

Turkish troops have crossed the Syrian border as Operation Olive Branch enters into its ground offensive stage. This development follows a week of escalating aggression between Turkish and Kurdish forces, which has so far resulted in 13 confirmed casualties and destruction of local houses. Though submerged within the context of […]

US Agree There Is No Military Solution For Syrian Civil War

Despite no formal bilateral talks taking place between President Putin and President Trump during the Asia-Pacific Co-operation summit in Vietnam, both nations approved a joint statement released on Saturday. The statement, released by the Kremlin, outlined bilateral cooperation and agreement to support existing military communication channels and work to defeat […]

Iran’s Nuclear Deal At Risk: A Case For The JCPOA

Economic sanctions as a foreign policy tool were originally seen as a targeted and non-violent method to induce a state to revise adverse behaviour. However, as the use of the policy initiative in Iran demonstrated, sanctions can inflict rudimentary social and economic civilian suffering in return for unstable and non-conciliatory […]

Saudi Arabia Listed In The Annual Report Of The Secretary-General On Children In Armed Conflict

On Thursday, October 5, the United Nations Annual Report of the Secretary-General on Children in Armed Conflict was released, naming Saudi Arabia a violator of children’s rights in Yemen. The report, covering January through December of 2016, lists parties to armed conflict and the violations they have inflicted on children, including […]