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Hello,My name Jonathan and I am currently studying MSc International Development at the University of Manchester.My background includes BSc Psychology, and I have been heavily involved in student politics between 2017-2019.I am extremely passionate about equality, equity, and inclusion and very interested in political engagement, policy production, and development.

Ugandan Police Raids LGBT Friendly Bar And Results in the Charge Of 67 People 1

According to the Independent, 67 people have been charged by a Ugandan court after the police had raided a lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) friendly bar “considered to be one of the few safe spaces left for the LGBT+ community in the capital of Kampala.” PinkNews claimed that the […]

Are You A Global Citizen?

The Global Citizen website document that ‘global citizen’ is a community of “people who want to learn about and take action on the world’s biggest challenges. Extreme poverty ends with you”, adding: “Global Citizen is a movement of engaged citizens who are using their collective voice to end extreme poverty […]

Eastern Europe Fearful For Democracy, But Hope Persists

The Guardian reported that “thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, today’s eastern Europeans are fearful for the future of democracy, skeptical of government and the main political parties, and distrustful of the media, according to a new survey.” Jon Henley, Europe Correspondent for the Guardian, recently shared […]

Have LGBT Citizens Been ‘Left Behind’ In Development? 1

According to Stonewall, “equality groups pushed for the rights and needs of lesbian, gay, bi[sexual] and trans people to be taken into account.” Stonewall states in one of their reports, “we think the SDGs could have gone further by explicitly calling for LGBT equality, we recognize their exciting potential to […]

The Bodies Of 39 People Found Dead Inside A Lorry In Essex, U.K. 

According to the Telegraph, the vehicle was found in the early hours of the morning on Wednesday 23 October 2019 after the ambulance service had called Essex Police to Waterglade Industrial Park, in Grays (Essex, United Kingdom). The vehicle, believed to be from Bulgaria, contained the bodies of the 38 […]

Uganda Announces Law Imposing The Death Penalty On Homosexuals 2

Ugandan Ethics and Integrity Minister Simon Lokodo has recently announced plans to reintroduce a bill that could impose the death penalty for homosexuality. According to the Independent, the Ugandan government legislation would extinguish a rise in “unnatural sex,” and further noted that “under British colonial law, gay sex in Uganda […]

Nigerian Man Found Dead In U.K. Detention Centre

Oscar Okwurime, a 34 year old Nigerian man, was recently found dead in Harmondsworth detention centre, one of the largest detention centres in the United Kingdom located next to Heathrow airport. Although the cause of Okwurime’s death is yet to be examined, the Home Office are said to be investigating […]