Jacob Gilles

Two Minutes To Midnight: 2018, The Most Dangerous Year On Record?

In 1947, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists unveiled the Doomsday Clock, a visual symbol to inform the public as to, “how close we are to destroying our world with dangerous technologies of our own making.” It was a reaction to the first use of nuclear weapons in 1945 and reflected […]

Could Crypto-currency Be Used To Restore Stability In Venezuela?

Venezuela has struggled in the post-Chavez era. The country has been in a rapid decline, a free-fall from being the wealthiest economy in South America to teetering on the edge of financial and social ruin. Over the last five years alone, Venezuelan currency, the bolivar, has lost 99.8% of its […]

Political Leaders Need To Do More To Reduce Nuclear Tension

Nuclear tension has been rising in the Korean peninsula for some time and so far the response from political leaders has been sub-par. In the latest developments the Telegraph reported that a North Korean foreign ministry official has said that war was now an “established fact” and it was now merely […]

Manus Island: Broken Solution To Age-Old Problem

The Australian-run detention center on Manus Island was shut down on October 31, after it was declared illegal by Papua New Guniea court. Its short lifespan is a testament to the complexities of implementing a working policy that effectively deals with refugee and asylum seekers. “Any asylum seeker who arrives in […]

Aleppo: Citizens Tug-Of-War Victims Between Syrian Factions

A year since the vicious battle for East Aleppo, Syria and the city are still reeling from the government-led offensive initiative. The Middle-Eastern nation faces a humanitarian crises as figures released by a UN refugee agency state that“more than 6 million Syrians are still displaced.” Syrian government forces—with the support […]

The Implications Of President Trump’s Plan To Scrap The Iran Nuclear Deal

In October 2017, the White House made an announcement updating their position on the Iran Nuclear Deal.  As part of the deal, the US is required to certify that Iran is in compliance with the terms of the agreement every 90 days. Despite President Donald Trump being a highly vocal critic of the […]