Jessie Nguyen

Demolitions in Kenya Reflect Human Rights Violations, Leaving Thousands Homeless

Thousands located in Kenya’s largest slum have recently experienced days of demolition by government bodies for which human rights groups have called a violation of the law. The demolition of illegal structures through the Kibera slum in Nairobi, is to usher a new $20m dual-carriageway through the capital – approved […]

Israel’s Altercation With War Crimes Against Palestine

Attempts from the international community today in ending the devastating cycle of violence in the Middle East are continuing to fail. Israelis are living in fear of ongoing suicide attacks, Palestinians are living under siege and large-scale military attacks, while the Palestinian Authority are virtually dismantled and are incapable of […]

Uncertainty Surrounds FARC Peace Deal As Duque Wins Presidential Election

Recent concerns for Colombia continue to rise over Ivan Duque’s victory in the June 17th Presidential Election. Duque acknowledged through his winning campaign that peace and justice has not been fulfilled for the community and thus acquires an appetite for harsher punishment for former fighting FARC rebels. Duque aspires to […]