Jenna Rosenthal

About Jenna Rosenthal

Jenna is a 4th-year undergraduate at the University of Virginia, majoring in Foreign Affairs and minoring in English. She studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain in 2016 and has a strong passion for international affairs, including human rights issues and the effects of climate change on state stability.

Kenyan Authorities Restrict Media Coverage At Swearing-In Ceremony Of Opposition Leader

Following a complicated and tense election season in Kenya, according to Human Rights Watch, the government authorities restricted news outlets coverage of the symbolic inauguration of opposition leader Raila Odinga. Media companies first rejected President Uhuru Kenyatta’s instructions to not cover the public event, but the Communications Order of Kenya […]

Gunman Targets Minority Coptic Christians In Egypt In Violent Attack

On Friday, December 29, 2017, a gunman opened fire, killing multiple people at a Coptic church and a Christian-owned shop near Cairo, Egypt, as reported by the Egyptian Interior Ministry.  Coptic Christians are a minority in Egypt and have faced numerous attacks in the past, especially in recent years.  The […]

Aid Resumes In Yemen As Saudi-Led Coalition Eases Blockade

After nearly three weeks, the Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen has eased the blockade of air, sea, and land routes in Yemen, lowering restrictions on the main airport and two seaports.  This new access has allowed the United Nations to resume humanitarian aid to the conflict-torn country.  During the blockade, […]

How Climate Change Transforms Security In The Nile River Basin

Though climate change is one of the most disputed issues in the political sphere, it is potentially the greatest security threat of the 21st century.  From local resource competition, to extreme natural disasters, to coastal degradation, the impacts of climate change are numerous and significant.  One of these affected areas […]

More Than 200 Russian Citizens Detained During Anti-Putin Protests

Instead of celebrating, thousands of Russian citizens across the country spent Vladimir Putin’s 65th birthday protesting the Kremlin and his restrictive control of elections and free speech. Alexei Navalny directed the protest rallies. Navalny is currently Putin’s only tangible political opponent and is currently serving a 20-day jail sentence for […]

Hope In Palestine: Rival Factions Announce Reconciliation Agreement

The two main rival factions in Palestine, Fatah and Hamas, signed a reconciliation agreement in Cairo, Egypt on Thursday in an effort to unite Palestine. This deal gives hope for a united Palestine, and if it holds strong, would end the decade-long violent conflict between the two authorities. Although similar […]

Hundreds Injured As Police Disrupt Catalan Independence Referendum

On Sunday, October 1, 2017, disagreements over the Catalan independence referendum resulted in clashes that caused hundreds of injuries in Catalonia, the northeast region of Spain.  Police from the national Spanish government in Madrid arrived in the region to prevent the official vote on Catalan independence from occurring, inciting violence […]

The Diminishing Reassurance Of Mutually-Assured Destruction

During the mid to late-20th century, mutually-assured destruction (MAD) deterrence theory was the strongest reassurance against the threat of nuclear attacks. Although MAD has maintained the balance of nuclear power and has aided us in avoiding nuclear war thus far, the rise of extreme or impulsive leaders increased technological capabilities, […]

Tunisia Overturns Law Banning Women From Marrying Non-Muslims

Women’s rights achieved a victory this week when the Tunisian government overturned a law that banned women from marrying non-Muslims.  A spokeswoman for Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebsi announced the decision on Thursday and wrote, “Congratulations to the women of Tunisia for the enshrinement of the right to the freedom […]

The EU’s Top Court Dismisses Member States’ Challenge Against Refugee Relocation Agreement

The European Court of the Justice (ECJ), the European Union’s top court, dismissed a legal challenge from Hungary and Slovakia against an EU-wide agreement to accept and relocate asylum-seeking refugees.  The announcement came on Wednesday, after much anticipation that the courts would overwhelmingly rule against the two countries’ attempts.  Although […]