Jennifer Mackintosh

Australia’s Tough New Proposal To Remove Citizenship Of Native-Born Terrorists 1

In November, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton unveiled the government’s plan to broaden the capacity for Australian nationals to be stripped of their citizenship. The proposed changes are in response to heightened domestic security threats from Australian extremists and terrorists. New laws could see […]

Satellite Surveillance: A New Perspective On Human Rights Abuses

Historically, human rights abuses, violations, and war crimes have been extremely hard to verify once reported, often due to the remoteness of the incident, a state’s reluctance to cooperate, or conflicting accounts of events. With the introduction of satellite surveillance technology, earth observation has been revolutionized, and this technology may […]

Women Rally For Equal Rights In The Face Of Nepalese Citizenship Bill

Protests are taking place in Kathmandu over a Nepali Citizenship Bill being debated in Parliament. Over 70 legislators have so far registered amendment proposals in Parliament, the core of which relate to constitutional provisions over citizenship and in particular the requirement for women to prove that the father of their […]

Democratic Republic Of The Congo: President Confirms He Will Not Run For Third Term

Following two years of uncertainty, the President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Joseph Kabila, has finally confirmed that he will not stand for re-election on 23 December 2018. This declaration is in line with constitutional requirements that impose a two-term limit on DRC presidents. Kabila has now […]

200 Nicaraguans Applying For Asylum in Cost Rica Daily

Since violent political protests erupted in Nicaragua earlier this year, some 23,000 nationals have sought asylum in neighbouring Costa Rica. According to the UN’s refugee agency, UNHCR, Costa Rica is receiving 200 refugee applications each day from fleeing Nicaraguans, however the actual number arriving could be much greater. UNHCR spokesperson, […]

Kuwaiti Influencer Faces International Backlash For Comments Attacking New Fair Work Laws

Kuwaiti Instagram star, Sondos Al Qattan, last week posted a video which has since gone viral, criticizing new laws expanding Filipino domestic workers’ rights. The blogger and make-up artist, who has accumulated 2.3 million followers to her Instagram account, voiced her disagreement with recently introduced legislation requiring Filipino workers to […]

Monsoon Season: The Next Crisis Facing Rohingya Refugees

Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar Refugee camps, housing up to one million Rohingya refugees, are at high-risk of flooding and landslides during the imminent monsoon season. Typically between June and September, Bangladesh endures severe cyclonic storms and some of the most intense monsoonal rains across the globe. Once these weather patterns settle […]

Charlottesville Protest Driver Faces Hate Crime Charges One Year After Deadly Rally

On Wednesday, 29 charges of federal hate crimes were filed against James Alex Fields Jr., the 21-year-old accused of deliberately ramming his car into a crowd at an anti-white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August of last year. The alleged attack, in which Mr. Fields accelerated directly into a […]