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Jennifer Brown is a senior at Arcadia University outside Philadelphia, PA. She hopes to pursue graduate studies in Contemporary Literature.

Texas Bathroom Bill Blocked By Republican Speaker Of The House

The Republican Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives recently spoke out against the push for a transphobic bathroom bill in his state. Joe Straus has combated the efforts of Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who is attempting to push forward a bill that the Independent notes have been “widely viewed […]

California Restricts Travel To Four States In Response To LGBT Inequality

On Thursday, June 22, 2017, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced new restrictions for state employees on state-funded or state-sponsored travel to four other states that show prejudice against LGBTQ populations: Texas, Alabama, Kentucky, and South Dakota. This law does not affect private citizens, only state employees travelling for work. […]

Twin Attacks In Tehran

Two attacks claimed by the Islamic State have occurred in Iran’s capital, Tehran. Iranian officials say a third attack was attempted but prevented. The attacks were on the parliament building and Ayatollah Khomeini’s mausoleum. Following hours of intermittent gunfire, and a suicide bomb detonation, roughly twelve people were killed with many […]

Terrorist Attack In Central London

A terrorist attack occurred on Saturday, June 5th in central London around 22:00 GMT. Three attackers drove a van into pedestrians on the London Bridge before launching a knife attack in Borough Market. Seven people were killed and at least forty-eight people were injured. According to Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, […]

Potential Hate Crime Committed On University of Maryland’s Campus

In the early hours of Saturday morning, Sean Christopher Urbanski, 22, was arrested and charged with the murder of Richard Collins III, 23. According to BBC News, Mr. Collins was visiting friends during graduation week at the College Park campus when he was stabbed in the chest. Two days prior, […]

Traumatized Refugees In Greece Are Committing Suicide

There are 14,000 refugees currently on the Greek islands after what Public Radio International (PRI) calls a historic exodus to Europe. On the Greek island Samos, over 1,000 refugees are being kept in a military detention centre meant for barely 600 people. Many live under plastic tarps, in tents, or […]

China Tests New Missile Near Korean Peninsula

Amid rising tensions between North Korea and a number of nations, as well as China’s displeasure with South Korea’s new U.S. missile defense system, China announced Wednesday a successful testing of a new type of missile in Bohai Gulf near the Korean Peninsula. The vague statement released on the ministry’s […]

Islamic State Attacks NATO Convoy In Kabul

An attack on a NATO convoy in Central Kabul has left at least eight Afghan civilians. US Navy Captain Bill Salvin has confirmed that three US service members were injured in the blast. A number of civilian vehicles were also impacted, resulting in at least twenty-five injuries, according to Najib […]

North Korea’s Fourth Failed Missile Launch Since March

In defiance of the United States and its main ally, China, North Korea test-fired a ballistic missile on Saturday, April 29th, 2017. The missile did not leave the North Korean territory. According to the United States’ and South Korean military, this test appears to have been a failure, the fourth […]

Bathroom Rights Under President Trump’s Administration

Bathroom laws for LGBTQ individuals continues to be a continued conversation. However, the impact of anti-transgender laws can have a negative impact on the quality of life of everyone in the state, not only on transgender individuals.