Jonathon Arrell

About Jonathon Arrell

Jono is currently completing a Masters of Politics at The University of Otago in New Zealand. He has a particular interest in regional cooperation and integration to increase regional stability.

The Nile River Water Crisis

This report seeks to provide a long-lasting solution to the current crisis over the construction of Ethiopia’s Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project (GERD). The dam which is expected to be completed in 2020, has led to significant tensions between upstream Ethiopia, Sudan (which has realigned itself by siding with Ethiopia) and downstream Egypt whose freshwater supply is under increasing threat as the GERD project nears its completion.

The Refugee Crisis Is Real And Solvable

The refugee crisis is a world crisis. We have seen the death of thousands of refugees as they seek safety, while conflict around the world claims the lives of innocent civilians every day. As conflict rages on, developed nations continue to turn their back on those who need their help, […]

Russia And Turkey Ready To Give Peace A Chance In Syria?

After a meeting between Vladimir Putin and Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in Moscow, it seems that Russia and Turkey are looking to put their differences aside and seek a resolution to the six-year-long conflict in Syria. In a press conference, Russia’s leader claimed that “The atmosphere [in their meeting] […]

High Rates Of Hate Crime Against Refugees In Germany

Germany’s Interior Minister has recently released statistics citing that in 2016 alone, over 3,500 attacks were carried out on migrants, refugees and asylum seekers within the country. Of the 3,533 assaults, nearly 1,000 of them were attacks on the homes of refugees and asylum seekers. This is similar to 2015 which saw approximately […]

Truce In Eastern Ukraine, But Russian Rebels Continue To Fight

Shortly after a ceasefire deal was initiated between Russia, Ukraine, and allies in Eastern Ukraine, the Ukrainian army accused pro-Russian rebels of breaking it. On Monday, just hours after the ceasefire was initiated, Ukraine claimed that the Russian separatists continued to bomb Ukrainian forces, killing at least one soldier and […]

Russia Violates Treaty With Missile Launch

Vladimir Putin has tested Trump and his administration by secretly launching a new intermediate-ranged cruise missile that American officials say violates a treaty between America and Russia. The missile was secretly launched in December and will test Trump’s commitment to developing improved relations between America and Russia. The treaty that […]

The Continued “War On Terror” Is Now Under Trump’s Control

A large part of President Donald Trump’s campaign was centred around how he was going to “crush and destroy ISIS.” However, details on how exactly this would be done have been sparse. He has said it would be done “very, very quickly” and that America would “replace chaos with peace.” […]

Islamophobia Continues With Violent Attack On Canadian Mosque

On Sunday night, the Muslim community suffered yet another blow as two armed men stormed a mosque in Quebec City. Six people have been confirmed dead, while another 8 were wounded as they gathered for evening prayer. Two suspects have been arrested for the shooting, one has been charged with […]

President Trump to Bring Torture Back to America

Newly inaugurated President of the United States Donald Trump has recently come out and stated that he believes “torture works”. He says that in the fight against ISIS the USA “have to fight fire with fire”, claiming “we’re not playing on an even field”. Throughout his campaign the new leader […]

Syria Hoping To Make Progress With Peace Talks

While conflict continues to rage on throughout Syria, Syrian rebel forces have agreed to attend peace talks in Kazakhstan on Monday with the backing of Russia and Turkey. Russia and Iran will continue to support the current regime and its allies, while Turkey will give backing to rebel forces. Similar […]